So, Maddox took down his GoFundMe with the following comment of name-calling and lies.

I make no money from the Atheist Experience and never have. I've volunteered over 15 years of my life to that show and will continue.

But, I'm a 'soy boy' and lack balls, according to him.
The only thing I artfully dodged was platforming the type of person who views debates as if it's some opportunity to test their masculinity. Which is why I was referred to as 'soy boy' and in his whiney video repeatedly referred to as ball-less, in one sense or another. I win.
(3) He also talked shit about @GodlessEngineer in his nearly 5-minute whine and suggested that I'm afraid of him, based on a debate I've never seen and hadn't heard about.

Look out folks, he's got the biggest balls in all of Christianty! What a manly, manly, Jesus man!
One correction he didn't take the gofundme down, he just added the note. Maybe he's still seeking donations...after all, he's clearly looking to be internet famous and now, I'm willing to help him achieve that goal.
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