Hi @HMcbadger, I understand this may be new for people. I also understand fear for safety, I share this fear. Abolishment is for the system we currently have, policing as we know it in America. We need that because it’s a culture that can’t simply be reformed. I’ll put more below https://twitter.com/hmcbadger/status/1308875304329510912
The divestment in our current structure would allow for investment in something new. A system that works for everyone, not just a specific group of people. It’s not a pipe dream or a figment of someone’s imagination.
The leaders of this movement have specific and clear plans, models and systems. Other countries around the world have reimagined public safety that works and doesn’t result in thousands of civilian deaths.
I’ve personally worked very closely with the @AAPolicyForum and they make clear demands here https://aapf.org/shndemands 
Policy is also super important! Start here: https://breatheact.org/learn-more/ 
People like Whitlock and Owens will stoke fear to gain proximity to power. Be weary of people who only speak in problems and things you should be afraid of when presented with solutions. I want a country where everyone is free.
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