Canadians in general aren’t being vigilant enough about what is being read & shared online.

A thread.

Far too many of us are falsely equating legitimate news outlets with dedicated propaganda/disinformation sites. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
#RebelNews #ThePostMillennial #TheBuffaloTribune #BuffaloChronicle & other similar sites that have cropped up in recent years, are not the equivalent of legitimate news organizations that care about fact checking, evidence & sources. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
These so-called “news” sites are, instead, self-serving propaganda outlets dedicated to advancing a political agenda.

They disguise who funds & backs them. Often claiming they run on “small individual donations”, yet refuse to disclose any verifiable proof. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
These online “news” sites, are easy conduits for #DarkMoney that bypass election laws to influence elections & public opinion. These sites are a weapon of information operations.

#cdnpoli #cdnmedia
#cdnmedia is problematic enough with its #Conservative bias in reporting, largely due to consolidation of ownership by wealthy private interests.
But over the past few years this newer dangerous problem has emerged, in addition to these #cdnmedia issues.
Then there are the troll factories. These are inexpensive ways to engage in malign influence, with little to no consequences. Fake troll accounts are regular amplifiers of stories from these “news” sites, thus blurring the lines between foreign & domestic operations. #cdnpoli
The combination of foreign malign influence operations & domestic propaganda & disinformation campaigns, makes for a potent malicious combination that has a ripple effect throughout the Canadian electorate. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
There doesn’t have to be ‘collusion’ between these foreign & domestic players. When multiple entities are spreading similar toxic messaging, it results in a cumulative effect.
#Democracies around the world are on life support.

Be vigilant about what you read & share. #cdnpoli
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