i cant wait for the press to tell us that the anonymous republicans quietly disprove of the president's east lawn executions
"The senator, who spoke on background, said he did not like the beheadings, and has privately urged Trump to do fewer per week. He also told the president he should wear less medals on his 'war fatigues' during his daily five-hour speeches to the nation on 'The Crisis.'"
"Ivanka and Jared are said to be alarmed by the rows of heads on pikes that now adorn the White House driveway, and sources say they have privately urged Trump to stop drinking out of his enemies skulls."
"Behind closed doors, congressional Republicans complained that they don't like the dripping blood from the bodies that have been stored in the Capitol building, but that as long as Trump continues to nominate judges, they won't publicly condemn him."
"Any resolution against the fifth wave of killings would die in the Senate, Democratic leaders have told their aides. 'We just need the few survivors to get out and vote,' an anonymous Democrat from the northeast told us, before she was taken away for re-learning."
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