So about yesterday’s action in solidarity with Algonquin #moosemoratorium and Mi’kmaw warriors.. a thread
When we arrived at Parliament Hill, there was a guy wearing military clothing and combat armour who seemed to be a Canada Proud person, there was an Anti-Abortion camp and a bunch of anti-maskers near the centennial fire. It was really scary.
Even though Indigenous people should be able to gather anywhere on our homelands and assert our rights, it just wasn’t safe to be there.
We quickly changed locations and some of those groups also followed us to the new location. At the new location, we were able to disrupt the throne speech procession even better. So it worked out for us but I just want to remind organizers to be extra diligent during these times.
Please consider the safety of those most vulnerable that may be supporting your action. When we are organizing some threats that we have to consider rn are COVID, police brutality and violent counter protests from far-right groups.
We have seen so many videos of police and RCMP standing by while white supremists attack Indigenous folx. So if white supremists attack us, it’s more likely that we will be the ones put in handcuffs. Please try to avoid confrontations from these groups if you can.
We saw yesterday that when the far right groups came closer to us that when male presenting allies created a barrier to protect our action, the far right groups quickly left. We need allies to show up.
Much of these situations are totally preventative. Proper education and governments honouring their original commitments to Indigenous peoples would prevent these far right groups from engaging the way they do.
Indigenous peoples would not need to put their bodies and lives on the line if governments honoured their original promises.
Please keep supporting Indigenous land defenders across Turtle Island. We really need y’all to show up (in any capacity you can). ❤️✊🏼
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