"As we previously reported, Tesla used a Yamaha Raptor ATV and converted it to electric with what appears to be a Zero Motorcycle electric motor."

Tesla never disclosed any of this. Someone please explain how this is any different than what Nikola is accused of. https://twitter.com/ElectrekCo/status/1309074535157817347
To be clear: I'm less interested in condemning Tesla for this than I am in trying to identify norms that can be consistently applied to all the companies in this space. How much of a prototype must be your own? How much must you disclose the work of other firms? Where's the line?
My concern is that by excusing everything that one company does because they have delivered real products creates an environment that is a magnet for outright scammers with no intention of ever delivering anything. That will ultimately hurt capital access for good, real startups
This space is bigger than just Tesla now, and if we want to see more startups bring fresh innovation we need to create norms that can be consistently enforced with all companies. The Wild West must give way to rule of law. I want to know where the lines should be drawn. Tell me!
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