(1-25) PART 1

At no stage am I accusing anyone of any wrong doing.

I am just going to present my findings.

You be the judge.

Upon entry to a restaurant in a regional Victorian town

Upon entry I’m impressed by the amazing artwork.
Took a few snaps. No worries

I thought someone knows about the black eye club conspiracy.
Sat down for dinner. And noticed some more interesting artwork.

Notice the elephant in the corner.
Maybe nothing
At this stage I decided to check out who the artist is.

The very talented and acclaimed
David Bromley

And soon realise this artist has decorated the entire restaurant, cafe and hotel.

It didn’t take long to find some other interesting artwork from Bromley online.
The white rabbit represents ad-ren-a-chrome. Alice in wonderland is full of symbolism and Lewis Carol was a 33rd degree Mason.

More on Lewis to come.
I soon learned that Bromley has his own suite named after him and checked out some more information online.
Bromley features a round queen bed, with an ornate chandelier and a mirror suspended over the bed for added intrigue!
The next morning we checked out the adjacent cafe.

In my opinion this is a homage to Project Monarch.

Elephants seem to be a recurring theme within Bromleys work.
There is a Danish order of the elephant. Warhol depicted elephants and Bromley admires his work.

The city of Catania, Sicily has an immemorial connection with the elephant. The local sorcerer Heliodorus, was credited with either riding a magic elephant or transforming into one
Blackman did a school girl series.

It has been well-documented that Blackman was aware at the time of the abduction and murder of children, as well as of the murder of a student friend of his wife, and a menacing and sinister note permeates many of the works.
Schoolgirls and other figures appear in desolate urban or industrial landscapes. The series contains surreal, eerie imagery that, in Blackman's signature style, powerfully contrasts the innocence of childhood with a sense of impending menace. https://www.mamalbury.com.au/learn/the-collection/artwork-highlights/charles-blackman-schoolgirl-with-bunch-of-flowers
Blackman was one of the last of his generation, best known for his paintings that riffed on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.
This style has continued throughout Bromley’s work as well
Lewis Carroll was a 33rd degree mason as well as having questionable taste in his artworks.
With the knowledge learned from the Ballarat courier. Van engmond and his dodgey deal in conjunction with the Danish elephants.

I thought I would check for a Danish connection in Castlemaine.

And found Das Kaffenhaus
Which just happen to be right down the road from the jail.
A closer inspection of Damien Mitchell’s art we find..

End of Part One
Im going to continue Part one

A closer look at Damien Mitchell’s art

Look at the dates. I didn’t think too much here.
Continued exploration shows Damien joined up to a collection of art called colour in action.

I soon find some odd pieces in this
The website is called http://Yourban2030.org 
You can’t make this up

United Nations Global Agenda for Sustainable Development

I suggest you go through this site for an Orwellian nightmare in store for us.

Also it turns out Mitchell has family in Castlemaine
Now things get even more weird.

Suzanne Donisthorpe, Frank Veldze and Kate Osbourne have created an installation called Unsettled in a children’s cemetery. These are some pictures from their website.

This is satanic and viewer discretion advised.
Challenge accepted...

Why is @SydneyAirport and local governments offering contracts to Frank Veldze?
I have had this sound track in my head since 1991.
The sound is from Severed Heads, cd 'cuisine' , track 'Ottoman'
A party, a mattress dome on a hill, fire and masks.
The vision is all mine.
Frank has his own radio show..

94.9 main fm Castlemaine Down the Rabbit hole

Now let’s examine Frank’s text from his fire video..

Severed heads



@949MAINfm #castlemaine #Victoria #followthewhiterabbit
This spiral is on the cafe door, I missed the first time around. By it self it’s not much but with the other door and art you decide.

And right next to Frangos in #daylesford I found this

on the councils buildings notice board.👇Thread below. https://twitter.com/wakeaustralia/status/1309435713004290048
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