this is specious nonsense but this is the thing republicans understand that democrats don't (and the base defends them, stupidly). -- make noise. it gets covered. stop worrying about whether things are super-sound and are fair/unfair. say shit. it gets coverage.
in response to people discussing court packing, a gop rep "proposed" a constitutional amendment against it (essentially). he knows its not going anywhere. that's not the point. he gets a story in the newsstream and he got booked on a fox segment to discuss it. thats the point.
imagine if one dem rep proposed today some bill or resolution or whatever against "presidential interference in the balloting process" or whatever. that gets in the news stream.
there an unlimited number of topics democratic members of congress could "propose" remedies for. every day. its a simple thing republicans do *all the time*. and democrats almost *never* do it.
and democratic supporters, youre culpable in this too. all the time i see dem voters ask "but is it practical, can you actually do it?"

that's. not. the. point.

not everything is about legislative realism. its called *fighting* and doing politics.
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