🧵[Thread] lets break down some of the arguments pertaining to Rajya Sabha violence!

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1/ why the opposition demand for physical votes was ignored?

lets look at the root of this problem. opposition did not have enough votes to block the bill (source: ndtv).

their demand of physical votes was an ill-intentioned exercise in futility to delay the bill.
2/ but BJP doesn't have majority in RS, how could opposition not block it?

bills are passed in RS with some of BJP allies and some opposition parties voting in favour.

this is the case here too. opposition parties blocking the bill are in minority.
3/ breaking mic and creating chaos was justified because voting was denies?


justifying violence in any case is not good, buddy. the conduct of MPs inside parliament was like goons. accept that and condemn that, don't justify it!!!
4/ Eight MPs were suspended, now govt says they can restore if they apologize. do they control RS?

no. read some basics 🤦‍♂️

MPs were suspended because govt brought resolution for it. this is how its done, under process.

govt can bring another motion to revoke suspension.
5/ isn't it unconstitutional that when opposition is boycotting, bills are passed?

funny that you use that word.

because, this is basic functioning of parliamentary. if opposition walks out with their will, doesn't mean the procedure should stop. [contd..]
fact is, opposition can oppose better inside the house not outside it.

but the bills that have been passed, opposition knows they don't have combined numbers to block these bills.

this is why they are using this smokescreen to create this perception.

- carrying their talking points
- justifying violence under some pretext of saving democracy
- not telling you that they did not have numbers
- not showing videos of MPs aggressively approaching the chair.

is nothing but a paid worker carrying party propaganda. ✌️🌼
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