Mercury is now in its pre retrograde shadow phase, meaning whatever is happening now, we have to personally and collectively revisit come *checks notes* November 3rd.

Something about this moment is a foreshadowing of that one.
Mercury is now passing through an opposition w Mars (now retrograde). This is a v challenging set up that signals strife, arguments, hostility, and opponents.
When Mercury eventually retrogrades back to this point on November 3rd it will be square Saturn. Saturn brings obstacles and refusals. Mercury stationing direct on Nov 3rd is better than it stationing retrograde, but it’s still slow and will be in a ◾️ to Saturn for a full week.
The fact that Mercury’s entrance and exit from these retrograde degrees is book ended by Mars and Saturn makes it out to be an incredibly challenging time period.
This is also due to the fact that Mars and Saturn are in a square themselves, one of the more defining and difficult signatures of 2020, and Mercury comes along and joins the party by forming a T square with the two malefics, giving voice to all the challenges
But wait, there’s more.
When Mercury stations retrograde on Oct 13, it does so in an exact opposition to Uranus, planet of upheavals, breakthroughs, and chaos. It will also be opposing Uranus for *checks notes* the better part of 2 weeks.
Recap: an opposition w Mars (fairly quick & caustic) upon entering the shadow phase (making a T◾️ w Saturn and Mars). Then, an opposition w Uranus for 2 weeks while stationing retrograde (long & disruptive), then a◾️with Saturn as it stations direct (slow to come to a conclusion)
It then makes another opposition to Uranus as it’s exiting it’s post retrograde shadow on November 17 (repeating and clarifying themes from mid October, when it stationed retrograde) only to be fully clear of retrograde shadow on November 19.
Super chill.
But like, we don’t need astrology to tell us that we are living in a fascist regime with a dictator that won’t abdicate power w/o a massive fight? The q is, how do we recreate the world into one where bad astrology is not going to mirror violence and harm, but just a bummer day?  good news is @Mvmnt4BlkLives has laid it out!
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