There is a real elite: the very rich and the politicians who support them. They have 2 tricks for diverting blame for the multiple disasters they cause.
1. Focus it on an entirely different group - public servants, academics and other experts - and call *them* the elite
2. Channel the anger that would otherwise be turned on economic injustice, ecological destruction and misrule into culture wars, ensuring that BLM, feminists, LGBTQ+, refugees and Muslims get lashed, instead of billionaires and their poodles.
It works. So how do we fight back? How do we ensure that blame is not transferred from the perpetrators to innocent people? How do we make it clear that we are not attacking the victims of this hoax?
I’m not expecting – and don’t want – instant answers. But I think we should all be asking ourselves such questions every day, and slowly and carefully developing answers.
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