To lift up the memory of Breonna Taylor and celebrate the lives of Black children and adolescents, we're going to post 26 days of work from Black psychologists and education researchers. Please read and cite this work as we all grapple with the forces that shape Black lives.
Day 6 of #26days: Dr. Idara Essien ( @DrIdaraEssien) @sdsu studies the experiences of Black children in early childhood education, including black children's exposure to three types of microagressions: distrust, disdain, and disregard.
Day 8 of #26days: Dr. Dana Thompson Dorsey @DThompsonDorsey studies the intersections of law, policies, and education. This article examines how White principals' practices (in mostly Black schools) are shaped by their views on race.
Day 9 of #26days: Doré LaForett @FPGInstitute @ChildTrends studies early childhood education with a focus on children living in poverty. This article proposes a path toward reducing teacher bias in discipline practices:

Day 11 of #26days: Our @Youth_Nex and @UVAEdu colleague, @teachchauncey, uses youth participatory action research to bring Black boys' voices to the forefront of understanding Black school experiences and identity development:


Day 13 of #26days: @IheomaIruka studies school transitions, preschool, and early grade experiences with a focus on children facing adversity. Some of her recent work has focused on Black girls' development and school readiness:

@SCurentonBU @FPGInstitute
Day 14 of #26days: Dr. @HelenNeville12 is a professor of African American Studies @Illinois_Alma, studying racism and racial identity. This article explores the concept of color-blindness and how it promotes inequity:
Day 16 of #26days: Dr. Lionel Howard, Assoc. Prof. at @gwGSEHD, studies intersections of race and gender identity formation. This article explores race and gender socialization of African American boys and the mixed messages some boys receive:
Day 17 of #26days: More fascinating research on Black girls' development - Dr. Jemimah Young, Assoc. Prof. @cehdtamu, studies urban education and Black girls in STEM. This article is on Black girls and AP placement:
Day 19 of #26days: For #IndigenousPeoplesDay we want to highlight research on Native American children. Dr. Susan Faircloth @sfaircloth12, professor at @ColoradoStateU, has this great review of #ECE for American Indian/Alaskan Native children:
Day 22 of #26days: We need to reframe our understanding of Black children's achievement to recognize strengths and end deficit thinking. Tonia Durden ( @ToniaUNLChild), Clin. Assoc. Prof. at @gsucehd shows us how in this chapter (w/ @SCurentonBU):  [pdf]
Day 23 of #26days: Another special @UVAEdu colleague: @DerrickPAlridge is uplifting the stories of Black educators through his oral history project, Teachers in the Movement, focused on Black teachers involved in the Civil Rights Movement: @CRPESUVA 
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