I see a lot of - Fine some #Bollywood stars took some drugs. What’s the big deal ? We have bigger issues to deal with.
Here’s why it’s big deal :

1. Interrogating users helps #NCB find distributors which helps find importers(into country and city) which helps find producers.
2. Even if it is not possible to take direct action against producers, it’s important to know who’s sending in this poison to ruin your country.
3. The most famous nexus / route in South Asia is Afghanistan - Pakistan - India/Nepal - India - Burma - Thailand. This is a known..
smuggling route and governments have long since tried to block them. Air, land and water - all routes are used by human traffickers and drug cartels to smuggle these drugs.
4. The terror networks will always be hand in glove with drug cartels because everyone needs money that’s
coming from these drugs. One provides protection to other and other pays for it. Pakistan is without a doubt the centre of all this. It has long been shoving drugs into Punjab and J&K through cross border smuggling. Enough tunnels have been exposed by police and other agencies..
to prove this. Bollywood, due to its money and glamour is an obvious target.

5. Poppy fields in Afghanistan amount to more than 90% of global heroine now. It’s been a leading opium producer since 90s. At one time US was spending close to a million dollar a day to bring down..
opium trade in Afghanistan which was not only a big source of income for Taliban but also an overall drug menace.

6. A kilogram of heroine costs only 2-5 lakhs when it is bought from Afghanistan to Pakistan. When it enters India it reaches around 25-30 Lakhs. In international..
market, the same kilogram can be valued anywhere close to a 5-7 crores. The farmers working in poppy fields are still poor, is someone has any doubt on that. It’s the cartels and networks which make most. At his peak, Pablo Escobar could bring in 420 Million dollar a week. That’s
close to 3000 crores a week! Digest that !!

7. All the money from drugs is used to fund terror networks in Pakistan. That’s why our most wanted run to find shelter there. With the same money, terrorists are given training, weapons and explosives. Pakistan government has no..
money to fund this. So this sponsored source of income becomes the paymaster for all their nefarious activities.

Remember, every time you indulge in drugs, you buy a bullet for terrorists who will use it against your own soldiers and citizens.

Best wishes to NCB. Jai Hind!
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