Biblical justice does not “split the difference” or create a Middle Way or posit a moral equivalence between Left and Right. The Bible “diagonalizes” reductionistic secular alternatives. For example, the gospel is not a middle way between legalism and anti-nomianism. 1/5
It escapes the spectrum.

Likewise biblical justice does not give an abstract “Middle Way” between systemic/corporate responsibility and individual responsibility. They both exist and are both important but ultimately individual responsibility is decisive (Ezekiel 18). 2/5
For a fascinating presentation of this in sociological terms, see Christian Smith, To flourish or Destruct, p30, where he argues against individualism (that is generally blind to systemic racism) as well as the Marxist/collectivism that sees all things in terms of social power. 3
Both sides see an important part of reality to which the other side is blind. 

Yet Smith says that, in the end, social systems are more dependent on the actions of individual persons than individuals are dependent on the social systems. 4/5
There is an asymmetrical relationship between the two, with the individual aspect being the most decisive. To make the balance between the two equal or to lose one side altogether are each a grave mistake. For more on this see the last justice article coming soon! 5/5
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