John Bellinger thread:
Linton Brooks, former under Secretary of Energy, was reprimanded for not reporting to his boss regarding the theft of computer file containing SS numbers & data of 1,500 workers at an National Nuclear Security Administration facility by a Chinazi spy -
Richard Burt, former Amb to Germany, managing director of McLarty : 
Eliot Cohen, former State Dept Counsel, Dean of SAIS at Johns Hopkins University, funded by Chinazi billionaire Tung Chee-hua.
Chester Crocker, former Asst Sec of State, Fellow of Chinazi-tied Brookings.
Payrick Cronin, former Asst Admin USAID, Brookings.
Here the Brookings thread:
Eric Edelman, fmr Under Secretary of Defense, Brookings.
Richard Falkenrath, fmr Dep Asst to the President.
Stink tank Belfer Center, where Russia hoaxers share cybersecurity tips with the Chinazis.
David Gordon, fmr Director of State Dept, policy planning. Brookings.
Michael Green, fmr NSC staff, Brookings.
Chuck Hagel, fmr Sec of Defense, Brookings.
Brookings is a spy hub where the Chinazis buy intel & political influence :
Michael Hayden, fmr CIA Director, Principal of the Chertoff Group.

His boss Michael Chertoff, fmr Sec of Homeland Security, is Senior Counsel at Covington Burlington LLP, which has a huge base in China including princelings of CCP.
Carla Hills, fmr US trade representative, she currently sit on the board of US-China Business Council which promote trades between the 2 countries.
Jim Kolbe, fmr member of Congress, McLarty Associates board of Counselors.

McLarty has billions of dollars worth of dealings & a HQ in China. 
David Kramer, fmr Director of State Dept Policy Planning, Brookings.
Jim Leach, fmr member of Congress, board member of Chinazi-funded Carnegie Endowment for International Peace & Kettering Foundation.

There’s a Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for “Global Policy” in Beijing. 🙄

Kettering also keeps “fruitful” relationships with China. 🤢
Bruce Lemkin, fmr Under Secretary of Air Force, who sits on the board of Dynatech International, a Canadian subsidiary of Tianjin-based Costrength Petro-China.

Costrength produces & exports craps to the oil & gas industries in N. America & the world.
Michael Leiter, fmr Director of National Counterterrorism Center, now a partner at Skadden Arps.

His clients include BlackStone Group that has 100s of billions of dollars investment in China.

And a Chinese tech company tied to a CFIUS review. TikTok? 🤔
Peter Lichtenbaum, fmr Asst Sec of Commerce, partner at Covington, US-China Business Council 美中貿易全國委員會

Peter ranks #1 for Export Controls & Sanctions In Chambers USA in 2015, he know “how the regulators think”🙄

He also co-chairs the Aerospace & Defense Industry Grp.‼️
James Loy, fmr Sec of DHS, Senior Counselor at The Cohen Group.

“TCG China Practice has a solid record of success with professionals in offices in Beijing, Tianjin & Washington D.C.”
Peter Madigan, fmr Asst Sec of State, partner of Peck, Madigan Jones, lobbying for TPI Composites, with Chinazi offices in DaFeng, Taicang & Yangzhou.
Holly Morrow, former NSC official, partner at Hakluyt 😉, fellow at Belfer Center.

Do you know Hakluyt & the Obama gang covered up the murder of a MI6 agent to bring down Xitler’s most formidable rival Bo Xilai so Xi could become the dictator of China?
John Negroponte, fmr Director of National Intelligence, Vice Chairman of McLarty Associates.
Sean O’Keefe, fmr Sec of Navy, now professor at Syracuse University.

How many Syracuse Campus In China exactly?

You can’t even say “Wuhan Flu” without getting kicked out of the school.
Rober Shanks, fmr Asst Attorney General, Senior Counsel at Steinman & Rodgers.

“Steinman & Rosgers helps domestic Chinese companies cope with increased scrutiny, FCPA risk, and sanctions...”
Scumbags working for Chinazi Huawei:
Generals James Mattis, John Allen, Colin Powell, James Stavridir:
Shirin Tahir-Kheli, fmr Special Asst to the POTUS, Board of Advisors at stink tank Foreign Policy Research Inst.

FPRI praised China’s Digital $:
“While various countries r conducting R&D on central bank digital currencies, China is significantly ahead”🤢 
Miles Taylor, fmr COS of DHS.

In 2019, Taylor was hired by Google as a government affairs & public policy manager with a title of Head of NatSec.

Remember this ?
William Toby, fmr administrator at Nat Nuclear Security admin.

Senior Fellow at the Belfer Center where Russia Hoaxers r sharing cybersecurity tips with the Chinazis.
John Veroneau, fmr US Trade Representative, The US-China Business Council, and partner at Covington & Burling.
Ken Wainstein, fmr Homeland Security Advisor.

In 2017, Wainstein joined Davis Polk, a International law firm that has been Involving in China dating back to the end of Qing Dynasty.
Matthew Maxman, fmr State Dept official, Brookings.
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