1/n: A thread for researchers venturing into the field of #bat #virology.
I have reviewed and learnt from your recent papers and I wanted to share some general thoughts:

1. Bats are over 1400 species, so our studies do not represent all 'bats'.
2/n: In fact, we observe differences between bat species in our studies. So, if you are making pan-bat conclusions, it is likely that a reviewer may ask for validation in additional bat cell types from more than one species.
4/n: So, 'Bats' as a whole do not shed viruses all the time. 'Bat species' as a whole also do not shed virus all the time. It likely comes down to certain individuals within a species and within a roost that may shed a virus.
5/n: However, it is intriguing to study how bats can tolerate virus infections and factors that dictate virus spillover. To understand the complexity of a successful virus spillover event, I would suggest reading @rainamontana's excellent perspective : https://www.nature.com/articles/nrmicro.2017.45
6/n: I look forward to reviewing your studies, while developing our own. Together, we can study this intriguing mammal that is truly a remarkable feat of evolution!
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