This reeks of the Willie Horton ad I grew up watching. I grew up watching ppl like Alanna use Blackness as a scare tactic. Black prisoners were depicted as feral animals who were coming to rape white women. Years later Blackness is still being presented as “toxic and scary.”
Everyone knows the Khive was started by Black Women, and the vast majority of Kamala’s supporters are Black. We watched people lie about her record, denigrate her and they even went so far as to revive birtherism, but the “whites” are scared. The “whites” can’t handle push back
And once again Black ppl are being portrayed as the problem. We need to move over and make sure the white ppl are comfortable. Pushing back against vicious racism and lies is “toxic” Bc the whites are scared. The author of this piece has a Black fist as her avi, but Blackness
Is only acceptable as long as the “whites” are comfortable. What this does is validate the racists who have been trying to silence us for months. Once again I’m a young girl watching my people being portrayed as scary and toxic and I don’t have a platform to push back. Racism
Has won and all I can do is watch them smirk. This comes in the middle of a national movement for racial justice. A Black Woman was murdered in cold blood in her own home and no one will be held accountable for her murder. The author of this article claims to be a ally as she
Calls pushback against racism as “toxic.” It’s the “angry Black Woman” trope. She’ll ignore everyone in her mentions and gloat Bc she’s the one with the platform. There are white men in her mentions thanking her for “thinking of the whites.” The poor innocent whites who camp out
In our mentions and taunt us to the point to where we snap Bc it becomes too much. Stress from racism is the number one killer of Black Women and unborn babies. I left this app when I was going thru a high risk pregnancy w/ my son. I got a racist DM that caused me to break down
And cry on my bedroom floor. My daughter found me like that. The racism we deal w/ has very real consequences and if Black lives truly mattered to some of you, you would understand that this isn’t a game. This isn’t about cliques and clicks, it’s life and death. I have to go lead
A group for Black Women in recovery doing what they can to stay clean each and every day in a country that doesn’t value our lives so I can’t say much more. Congratulations to the author.. Racism won.
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