I still see people falling into the trap of debating the triggering event, and not realizing that the left doesn't CARE if you point out the facts. The event worked. They triggered the riots. What they don't want, is for people to focus on the obvious: prison time for traitors. https://twitter.com/buske_natalie/status/1309080663841267722
They will riot no matter what.
They will invent triggering events if they have to.

We should not respond from the defensive in-the-corner position, debating their faux issue.

Go on OFFENSE! Say that you know why they are really rioting and what agenda they have. INSURRECTION
Demand arrests of those who funding political terror and insurrection.
And that includes politicians who incite and cover for them... that includes all edu who promote terror... includes ALL traitors on every level who incite harm against U.S. citizens and aim to take us down.
Let their lawyers debate their faux issues. We should not. It is their defense story, a pack of manufactured lies to cover criminal coup.

We need to stick to the TRUTH.
Color Revolution, Purple.
Foreign involvement.
Domestic Traitors.
Corrupt gov.

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