Yesterday I received a personalised Whatsapp message from my local post office (Jabriya) asking me to kindly go collect my package (I ordered it a year ago). This morning I went intrigued and the manager himself received me - I asked him to explain the bizzareness
that’s happening in his workplace. He explained the following:
1. They receive around 700 packages a day - they have to physically open each package and verify it matches the item description.
2. After verifying - they have to physically Whatsapp each receiver and notify them.
3. He is understaffed - I can very this as I walked into a semi ghost building with four employees and thousands of packages.
4. There is no automated system to help them sort packages out.
5. I recommended him to make a “local post office union” and write a request for a system.
6. His answer was over the lines of: “عبالج بيعطونا ويه"
And that, ladies and gentlemen, was a quick sad story of a failed system that is supposed to be generating a source of income for the country and again, repeatedly, has been left to rot in the hands of willing individuals with zero tools for improvement. Goodbye.
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