Today I will write a thread regarding Bihar elections, In a earlier tweet few days back I said UPA will win Bihar,if no harakiri committed, many questioned me,what do I meant?I gave straight answer & that is 'ticket distribution ',& I was closely monitoring things....
Felt that I need to elaborate the scenario...A very uncomfortable thing to do but have to do...India badly needs NDA defeat in Bihar.
We all know Bihar is 'laboratory ' of caste politics...hence caste is vital,in spite of huge anti incumbency caste arithmetic can end UPA's dream
We also know RJD is the senior partner & will lead UPA campaign, RJD depends upon MY combination, that's their strength & also their weakness, how to overcome this precarious scenario? Yes,If there is will ,there is way.
RJD should consider MY candidates only in seats, where MY
MY population is over rest they should accommodate Dalits,Mahadalits(Nitish kumar's core VB),UPPER caste & Non yadav OBC's..
Yes,there can b exception if in a certain seat you have a tall yadav/ Muslim leader,fighting for decades, u can't ignore, u should give him ticket
But I think that no will b 20 maximum, in rest if the ticket distribution is done accordingly, write it down NDA has no chance.
RJD always fears if they denies a yadav ticket & give it to others, as I mentioned, Yadav will choose BJP...
Yadav getting lesser tickets will remain.
With RJD ,when they will see UPA winning, so MY will b intact & others will also come.Yadav ultimately will not leave RJD because in the end they r voting for a Yadav CM.
Very uncomfortable to write so much about caste..but had to,because a very important election is at stake.
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