Here are differences between sales & Marketing.

Marketing is one-to-many.
Sales is about one-to-one.

Marketing tells the stories (of the company, product, etc.) to many people.
Sales is where businesses become real for the client. It is where the stories and brand come to life.
Sales refers to the process of selling, whereby product is offered for sale to the customer at a certain price and at a given period of time.
Marketing is understanding the requirements of the customers in such a way that whenever any new product is introduced, it sells itself.
Sales is Product-oriented
Marketing is Customer-oriented

Sales is to instigate shoppers in such a way that they turn out as buyers.
Marketing is to identify the needs of customers and create products to satisfy those needs.
The scope of sales is selling of the product.
The scope of marketing is advertisement, research, customer satisfaction, after sales services etc.
Marketing is the planning part of sales. Marketing chooses the products to make, identifies who to sell to, what customers want, and who competitors are.
Then, marketing figures out how to distinguish the product from the competition by choosing where the product is sold, its price, packaging, advertising messages, and where the ads run. This is called “positioning” the product.
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