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Iranian-armenian partnership is more than Anti-Turkish alliance
-armenian diaspora promotes and lobbying Iranian interests in the West
-Iran promotes armenian interests in the Middle East and Asia
-"armenia" helps Iran to develop nuclear bomb in their nuclear facilities
-"armenia" has everything to develop nuclear bomb.
During Soviet Era in "armenia" the infrastructure for the creation of nuclear weapons was created.
Some sources claims that both "armenia" and Iran have nuclear warheads ,and delivery rockets such as OTR-21 Tochka
SS-21 Scarab
Both countries are engaged in ecological warfare against AZERBAIJAN.
"armenia" cut off rivers and springs that feeds Kura river
While Iran builts dams on Aras river which cuts water inflow in half
As a result of this warfare, drought in Azerbaijan reached maximum levels.
The problem gets even worse because AZERBAIJAN is importing water from Samur river in Russia in huge guantities. This made Azerbaijan dependent on Russia http://regionplus.az/en/articles/view/7135
Moreover Iran opens chekpoints in border with occupied Karabakh ,and they have a free passage between them. This video shows how cargo trucks pass freely to occupied AZERBAIJAN territories
Iranian and armenian officials, historians ,academics works together to falsify history . They want to present that Azerbaijan never existed.
For example they both called TURKIC MOSQUE IN IREVAN AS PERSIAN.
They both actively editing wiki and other sources trying to erase us
Iranians and armenians officials bribes western historians so that they repeat their propaganda. Like they did with lot's of US Universities.
Moreover iranian officials call armenians "One nation ,two states" https://golosislama.com/news.php?id=28560
Every year Mullah regime in Iran trolls Turkey with Fake armenian genocide.
Demonstrations is strictly prohibited in Iran ,but to troll Turks ,they allow armenian to celebrate their holiday .
And this is the only demonstration which police DEFENDS crazy armenian demonstrators
Armenians in Iran enjoy exclusive rights like to teach kids in schools on their native language. While 30 million turks in their Homeland deprived of such rights
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