(THREAD) The #MigrationPact could have been a historic moment to show that compassion and solidarity are still part of the EU's core values.

But the @EU_Commission failed on its promise for a 'fresh start' & more 'humane' migration policy.

Read our take on the Pact 👇🏼

The major points of the proposal announced by @YlvaJohansson and @MargSchinas are:
a) greater cooperation with third countries,
b) strong management of external borders, and
c) a solidarity mechanism to relocate asylum seekers inside the EU.

There is a strong emphasis on increasing returns ('return' is mentioned 99 times) with mandatory screening process at external borders and ‘fast track’ procedures for those who come from countries with an #asylum recognition rate lower than 20%.

The problem is that accelerated asylum procedures lead to rushed decision and higher rejection rates, which increases the risk that a person is sent back to a place of danger.

Regarding ' #solidarity' and the relocation of #asylumseekers, the #MigrationPact proposes a 'return sponsorship' scheme, which allows countries who refuse to share responsibility to participate in deporting people back to their country of origin.

There are also good bits in the proposal, such as guidelines on how to prevent the criminalization of humanitarian actors. Or that unaccompanied children and children under 12 years of age are exempt from border procedures.

But to honour our commitment to #humanrights and the right to seek asylum, the Pact should have expanded more on establishing new safe and legal pathways for people in need to come to #Europe.

It should have provided more details on how the Commission plans to hold member states and @Frontex accountable for illegal push backs and other human rights violations in the context of asylum and #migration.

As @YlvaJohansson keeps repeating, migration is something normal.

We should stop seeing it as a threat and remind ourselves that the men, women and children coming to the EU just want the same as we all do – to live in dignity and peace.(END)

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