3/ Essentially, the EU's "dirty work" of detention and returns will be farmed out to member states where the EU has *serious concerns* regarding judicial independence, freedom of expression, corruption, rights of minorities, and the situation of migrants and refugees.
4/ To member states where there are growing concerns about the crackdowns on media freedom and against organisations providing legal and humanitarian assistance to migrants and refugees.

5/ In May 2020,🇭🇺 was found to have broken EU law by illegally detaining two families *for more than a year* without any access to a court.

🇭🇺 then “refused to accept” the ruling of the CJEU that this was "detention".

7/ At this crucial moment for the future of Europe, #migrationpact is an opportunity to affirm that solidarity, human rights & rule of law *are* EU values.

Instead 🇪🇺 risks fanning the flames of two biggest policy/leadership crises it has faced; #migration and #ruleoflaw.
8/ What trade-offs will the Commission & Council need to make keep "the deporters" happy?

What is to stop "the deporters" from resorting to Erdoğan-style "open the gates" threats if facing #Article7 procedure or #ruleoflaw budget conditionality?
10/ Intended to build a united, common approach, this aspect of the Pact risks further division, deadlock & crises.

#Migrationpact will likely shape the #ruleoflaw situation at EU and national level, and 🇪🇺's ability to provide much needed global leadership on human rights.
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