Build a couple of these and house the worst cases no questions asked. Simple food, simple lodging, simple clothing. Simple gardening and building work in return, staffed by ex-homeless and lay-brothers and sisters from monastic orders. Sex segregated.
You can fit an almshouse and its gardens on the parking lot of a typical supermarket. Make the rules as strict or as lenient as needed. Keep building them until everyone is housed, if there is ever a surplus, charge rent or start housing single elderly.
Build ONLY with natural materials, let the building cost a lot, if needed, as long as the money goes to labor, for honest people to feed their families. Nothing mass produced, no quick fixes. "Slow homes", not "fast housing". Its cheaper in the long run.
Addiction and mental illness drives homelessness, but once you are on the street those problems become exponentially worse or even chronic. By providing homes based on what has worked before, we can stop things from spiraling out of control for the vast majority of cases.
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