The one part of the Dutch energy transition that is moving forward at great speed is the decarbonization of electricity: we're on track to achieve 70-75% renewable electricity by 2030; emissions will be down by 80% compared to just a few years ago.
So what do we get, in the run-up to our March elections? A resuscitation of the old idea to build a new power plant here. Another way to produce zero emission electricity. But expensive, slow, and a poor match with rapidly growing solar and wind power in NL and all around us.
That's a risky distraction. We need full focus on emission reduction in buildings, industry, and transport. And in electricity, now a much smaller problem already: on producing flexible dispatchable power in hours with little wind and solar. E.g. with green hydrogen.
It's extremely unlikely that a new nuclear power plant will get built here; just look at the resounding 'no' from major energy companies. But others will have to spend time explaining why it's a bad idea, and we won't be working on the real issues. We don't have time for this.
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