It’s election season here in Saskatchewan, and, as such, I will be sharing (at least) one (1) terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing that the @SaskParty has done over the last four years of their sad government each day in the thread below. #skpoli #skvotes
Also, this will not cover everything. It will be like a snapshot of all the awful things. This is the garbage juice dripping out of the bag onto the kitchen floor as you rush it outside to the big bin.
Eric Olauson isn’t exactly the brightest blub in the Sask. Party caucus. I’m sure he’ll make an appearance in this thread again in the days/weeks to come.
Day 5: The @SaskParty hiked fees for half of all seniors living in long term care.

It’s easy for them to hurt the most vulnerable, because, as this story notes... “They’re not a vocal population... so are not likely to go and...protest.”
Day 6: When Donna Harpauer wanted to skip gov hiring procedures so she could hire a friend.

When the Public Service questioned her she said:

“Blah … Blah … Blah...I really don't care what they think!”

The @SaskParty thinks the rules don’t apply to them and their friends.
Day 7: Happy campaign day! To mark the start of the election, I’m highlighting one of the cuts many probably remember: When the @SaskParty decided they had had enough of all this “book learnin” and made devastating cuts to the provincial library system.
However, this is when we were facing a $1.2 billion deficit. Now it’s double that, and who knows what they’ll do. I don’t want to risk losing our libraries again.
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