I know there were a few concerns about my suggestion of Hasbro buying #SuperSentai.

Let me explain where I’m coming from:
I’ve heard that one of Disney’s frustrations with #PowerRangers was having to share their stake with Bandai and Toei. The proposed animated series was rejected because the other two parties rejected the idea.
I’m personally worried about all of these conglomerates, but we can’t deny lots of entertainment companies are shifting in that direction.

Hasbro even bought E-One lately, which also owns other assets like Death Row Records (Tupac’s music label).
I also hate to be the guy who says "Sentai is dying". But if Sentai is in trouble as rumored, that could also prompt Toei to hand the keys over. Not to mention Toei and Bandai's recent focus on Kamen Rider and Ultraman.
It's all a matter of wait and see, but I think this is a very likely scenario for Hasbro if the rumors are true.

And so far they're slowly creeping up... https://twitter.com/D3rachi/status/1308524902329221122
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