The reason Republicans seem so calm, so willing to upend the SCOTUS and murder black people and ignore and dismiss the 200,000 dead from Covid, is not because they live in an alternate reality.

It’s b/c they’re in on the plan to steal the election or use force to stay in power.
A party about to get electorally wipes out as the polls suggest they are would be FREAKING OUT. Pivoting to the center. Chucking unpopular positions (like manipulating the court to end abortion) overboard.

This one is NOT.
Have you stopped to ask why? Do you really think they’re all, all the Republicans running for office, are just *stupid*? Do you think they have their heads so far up their own ass that they can’t tell they’re losing?

They know they’re losing. They don’t care. WHY??
They don’t care because they think they’ve achieved permanent one party rule. They think it’s in the bag, because they’ll just force their way to victory regardless of the “votes.” They’re Al Capone, laughing at his tax evasion trial because he thinks he bought the jury.
Trump is TELLING YOU what he’s going to do. He’s going to throw out the ballots, he’s going to use force to keep himself in power. It’s what all dictators do.

And the @GOP is right there with him. They’re in on the despotism. That’s why they’re not worried about extinction.
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