Starting a thread of my clinical papers, similar to my previous threads of global oncology and cancer policy papers. Actually, my first peer reviewed paper was a clinical paper: a review on managing opioid induced constipation. 2015.
We then published a case report of using pazopanib for orbital granular cell tumor
While I was in Japan, I also did some work on #sarcopenia in cancer patients. Not very high quality stuff, but I was taking baby steps in clinical research.
Another work on #sarcopenia investigating its prognostic role on patients with metastatic gastric cancer.
We routinely prescribe prophylactic laxatives while starting patients on opioids. But should we also routinely prescribe antiemetics? We did a survey of Japanese physicians. cc @DeiselKain
Based on the results of this survey, we launched a double blind, placebo controlled RCT of prophylactic prochlorperazine for opioid induced N&V. #supportivecare
In 2016 in @CHematology , we reviewed the evidence for intermittent versus continuous docetaxel in mCRPC. #ProstateCancer
We also reviewed the evidence for treatment of locally advanced head and neck cancer. @KAZ99081
In this work led by @Poudyalbishesh again, we explored the safety and efficacy of azathioprine as 2L treatment for primary ITP.
And once upon a time, we compared outcomes of haplo vs allo transplant 😉
In another paper @Annals_Oncology , we pooled the results from ASSURE and S-TRAC. I hope nobody is using adjuvant sunitinib in RCC anymore. @Ron_cology
During oncology training, we learn this like a mantra: squamous NSCLC cis-gem but nonsquamous NSCLC cis-peme. How strong do you think is the evidence behind this? I learned a lot working on this @JAMAOnc paper with @VPrasadMDMPH
Also, @sarojniraula and I conducted a trial level meta analysis to test whether a shorter course of adjuvant trastuzuamb was non inferior to 1 year for HER2 positive breast cancer. The results were not what we had hoped for.
The title says it all. Learned a lot from @JackWestMD by working on this piece.
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