Tuning in now to @sciencemarchnyc's workshop event on the Intricacies and Intersections of Climate, Abolition, and Decolonization for #ClimateWeekNYC.

This is one of many great events that I encourage yall to tune into this week - not too late to visit @ClimateGroup for events!
Laws have been created to keep Black, Brown, & low-income communities oppressed. @TanzaniaHughie urges us to #VOTE , say something when you see injustice - speaking up can save someone's life from an abuser or police brutality, & admit fault so we can push forward. #ClimateWeekNYC
"See people as individuals and NOT as stereotypes from a movie." - @TanzaniaHughie

#ClimateWeekNYC #blacklivesmatter
It is not👏🏼the👏🏼job👏🏼of Black men and women to educate white friends and colleagues on #decolonization. Check yourselves, check your friends, check your mom! Well said @TanzaniaHughie.

"Decolonization looks like teaching the real Black history in schools" - @TanzaniaHughie #ClimateWeekNYC @sciencemarchnyc @PCM_NY
Now up, @MukaroBorrero talks about Indigenous peoples in the #environmentaljustice movement.

Indigenous peoples' lands were the first to be impacted with colonization.

#ClimateWeekNYC @sciencemarchnyc @PCM_NY
Indigenous peoples have been excluded or spoken for, as if they have been victims, when they are well-equipped to speak for themselves & share their experiences.

Add'l, little funding has gone to Indigenous peoples (~95% goes to white-led orgs).

@MukaroBorrero #ClimateWeekNYC
#GreenNewDeal includes resolution that states a goal of obtaining "free, prior, & informed consent of Indigenous peoples for decisions that affect [them] & their traditional territories, honoring all treaties & agreements...& protecting & enforcing the sovereignty & land rights"
The Red Deal centers Native leaders & focuses on 4 key tenets:
1. What creates crisis cannot solve it
2. Change must come from below & move to the left
3. Politicians can't do what mass movements do
4. The climate convo must move from theory to action https://www.teenvogue.com/story/red-deal-indigenous-climate-plan-green-new-deal-red-nation
ICYMI: @PCM_NY March for #climatejustice thru #racialjustice demands:
1. NYC act on Resolution 864
2. NYC #GreenNewDeal
3. Red Deal
4. Columbus Day ➡️ Indigenous Peoples Day
5. #DefundNYPD
6. Invest in Black, Brown & Indigenous communities
7. Equitable response to COVID-19
What is abolitionist #climatejustice? What is a world where ppl are safe & have resources to thrive?

Part of decolonizing is regaining our humanity.

Kei Williams gives us all something to ruminate on in today's @sciencemarchnyc @PCM_NY #ClimateWeekNYC event. 🧐
@blackboikei asks us to think:
What could NYC look like without Rikers Island?

We need to realize the importance of & return the land to the Lenape ppl as one (of many) steps to take in prison abolition and decolonization.

#ClimateWeekNYC @sciencemarchnyc @PCM_NY
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