The Proud Boy's leader says they are coming to Portland "in peace" while posting flyers that read "Reject Degeneracy" and "End Domestic Terrorism."

Replies to the Proud Boys Delta Park announcement post include posting about weapons to bring and an "antifa hunting permit."
This reply to the Delta Park post reads "Proper Antifa counter protester!"

Both the Guardian & Bellingcat have articles out today about leaked "patriot" chat logs plotting violence in Portland, & threatening government officials.
See also this thread with Alan Swinney fundraising for weapons and gear to bring into Portland on the 26th.
Many replies to Proud Boy posts express desire to kill "antifa" and BLM protesters.

"Get them off the unmarked body bags."

Referencing the Kenosha shooter- "Well done to little Kyle- I'll be joining you in the chokey"
"Kill them all"

"Kill the fuckers and split"

"We must kill the Nazi Commie Democrats to the last one! To Save America!"
One of Enrique Terrio's (Proud Boy leader) most recent posts discusses how their 26th rally permit was denied.

In the comments someone writes- "When is the last time a mayor was assassinated in the United States? Asking for a friend." @tedwheeler thoughts?
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