tw// racism, police brutality

it’s been SIX MONTHS since breonna taylor’s death and NOTHING has changed and none of the cops who were involved in her shooting has been arrested for HER death. please take the time to spread awareness and stop tweeting about other things
two of the officers’ actions were “justified” and another one was charged with wanton endangerment, unrelated to her death. if you have any links or petitions please reply with them and i’ll add them to this thread. don’t stay silent about this.
here are other petitions you could sign as well
murderers’ names!!! sorry for not including it on the main tweet

brett hankison was the one charged for wanton endangerment meaning he was charged for damaging property and not her death. this is not justice.
i’m sorry for not trigger warning properly i should’ve put tw// racism , police brutality and i’ll keep that in mind for future trigger warnings
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