THREAD. Let's talk about the demands that are coming our of #Louisville RN. It is important to understand that actual organizers in Louisville have never worked under the assumption that justice would ever come from the systems that conspired to murder #BreonnaTaylor. #DefundLMPD
Organizers on the ground in #Louisville have been clear in their demands regarding the officers who murdered #BreonnaTaylor - they want then FIRED and their PENSIONS REVOKED. Not arrest, not convict, but FIRE & DEFUND. There is a reason for that. #DefundLMPD #DefundBlackLives
Next up - DIVEST FROM LMPD and INVEST in the COMMUNITY! Going to spend a few tweets here - but find full information here as well: 
Take a look at what #DivestInvest looks like in practice. Pulling funding from police and move them to services and community-based solutions that time and again PROVE TO WORK. POLICING DOES NOT WORK because it's not supposed to curb violence, it's meant to JUSTIFY VIOLENCE.
Check out what is included in the KY Police Bill of Rights. But also - let's confront the fact that POLICE have a Bill of Rights but Black folks do not... who is the aggressor? who is the freedom fighter? GET CLEAR. #DefundPolice 
I mean - @louisvillemayor could not be less ineffective if he actually TRIED doing his job. I had to sit on a panel with this man a few months ago and was disgusted with his lack of sense of urgency, and frankly, he didn't sound very bright either. He SHOULD be ashamed.
Police Violence IS GUN VIOLENCE. It's time we all treated them that way and spoke about police shootings in ways that tell the truth of what is happening in our cities and communities. #DefundThePolice #DefendBlackLives
INDEPENDENT needs to mean INDEPENDENT. Police cannot police themselves, investigate themselves, determine what justice looks like when THEY are the perpetrators. #DefundLMPD #JusticeForBre
TRANSPARENCY means something too. Look it up. What it doesn't mean is six months of bullshit and justice for the shooting of a fucking LAMP. FOH. #DefundPolice #DefendBlackLives #JusticeForBre
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