Rs may have stolen 4 SCOTUS seats:
*Kerry’s own campaign suspected the 04 election was hacked (➡️Justices Roberts & Alito)
* We never found out if hackers changed vote tallies or voter data in 2016, but they reportedly cld have changed both in some areas (➡️Gorsuch, Kavanaugh)1/
At about 15:50, Kerry says his campaign suspected hacking & even sued before the election to examine the voting machine software, but the court rejected their case bc the code is proprietary to the vendors. 2/
“By August [2016], the US Intelligence community had reported that Russian hackers could edit actual VOTE TALLIES, according to 4 of Obama’s senior advisors.” #Rigged by @davidashimer 3/
Thread... 5/
Thread. 6/
8/ “Despite assurances from the U.S. intelligence community that Russian hacking only influenced the 2016 U.S. election—and didn’t change vote tallies—there was never actually a formal federal audit of those systems, the DHS said.”
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