If I had a 💵for every time a House Republican did something corrupt, I'd have enough money to pay for the health care they're fighting to rip from millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions,

Anyways, here are like 15(!) new @DCCC IE ads about that
In #IA02, "Puppet" calls out @millermeeks for doing the bidding of the drug and insurance companies that have given her boatloads of campaign💰💰.
In #IA01, "Nursing Home" calls out @hinsonashley for putting seniors’ health at risk during a pandemic, to help the nursing home industry bankrolling her campaign.
#IA03 voters fired @YoungForIowa (more like @BadForIowa) for taking insurance company money and then voting to gut protections for pre-existing conditions.

"Home' reminds them of why they booted him in 2018.
"Working For" highlights the fat stacks @ElectRodney took from pharma giants before voting AGAINST lowering Rx prices for #IL13 families.
"Not Just A Meathead" isn't about corruption. But it does shine a light on the long trail of violence (and crimes!) @DanRodimer wants to bring to Congress. #NV03
. @DavidRichterNJ is a failed, corrupt businessman. And "Failed" will ensure #NJ03 families hear all about his sordid past.
[email protected] is a doctor who is pushing dangerous misinformation about a virus that has killed 200k Americans.

"Doctor" ensures #GA07 know that electing him would be the worst kind of malpractice.
They call @CarlosGimenezFL #CorruptCarlos for a reason.

"Family" ensures #FL26 voters hear all about his history of using his position to help his lobbyist sons cash in.
. @MichelleSteelCA worked hard to earn her reputation as Orange County's most corrupt career politician.

"Access" ensures that rep is the one thing she won't be able to cover up. #CA48
Millionaire @MikeGarcia2020 voted to let big corporations get COVID-19 relief that should have gone to California small businesses.

#CA25 voters will hear exactly what he's been up to in "Pandemic".
The FBI is looking into missing money from @SteveChabot's campaign.

And that's not even the shadiest thing #OH01 voters will hear he's done in "Website".
"Caught" highlights @Victoria_Spartz' history of using her office to look out for herself.

#IN05 voters are about to hear a whole lot about Spartz' ridiculously unethical behavior
. @SheriffTNehls was fired as a cop, lied about his criminal record, and ran a department with serious racial disparities in arrests of African Americans.

"Suspended" shines a light on his terrible, terrible record in law enforcement. #TX22
. @SheriffTNehls' department also had a history of racially profiling Latinos.

"Descontrolado" holds him accountable for that, destroying evidence and being a really bad cop. #TX22
It's kind of impressive that @DavidSchweikert admitted to breaking 11 different House Ethics violations for misusing taxpayer money.

"Eleven" gives him the back pat he deserves for that incredible feat. #AZ06
The @DCCC has raised $248M this cycle. And is competing across a MASSIVE battlefield.

If you don't like seeing a million tweets with 📺 ads about health care, corruption, and health care corruption, then I suggest you go follow the @NRC

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