After 6 months, only one of the officers who invaded Breonna Taylor’s home and shot and killed her in her sleep will finally face criminal charges. Not for murdering Breonna -- for putting her neighbors in danger in the process.
This is not justice. Not when two officers responsible for Breonna’s death will be facing no criminal charges whatsoever.
Not when none of the three officers will face any charges for her murder. Not when police officers around the country routinely face no consequences for taking Black lives.

If our systems cannot protect Black lives, then they must be transformed.
This is why ending qualified immunity and no-knock warrants is paramount in the mission for police reform, and why both provisions were included in the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.
Drafted and led by the Congressional Black Congress. This legislation passed the House but has been blocked in the Republican Senate – one more reason why we need to fight to not only defeat Donald Trump this November, but take back the Senate as well.
Because it shouldn’t take 6 months, and massive nationwide protests, for a single police officer to be held accountable.
And it shouldn’t take her name being turned into a rallying cry around the world for a Black woman and her family to have a chance at finding some small amount of justice.
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