BLM Narrative vs Reality: A Thread

Narrative: Breonna Taylor was murdered in her sleep when cops bust in the door without knocking.

Reality: Nope. She was awake, the cops did knock and announce themselves, and her boyfriend shot first.
Narrative: Jacob Blake was unarmed and shot by cops while trying to get into his car after stopping to break up a fight

Reality: Nope. Blake was harassing his alleged rape victim, was armed with a knife, and was reaching into his ex girlfriend’s car which he was trying to steal
Narrative: Deon Kay was an unarmed child shot in the back by cops

Reality: Nope. He was a legal adult, a known gang member, and shot in the chest while running towards officers with his gun drawn
Narrative: George Floyd was a law abiding pillar of the community who was choked to death by cops for no reason

Reality: Nope. Floyd was a violent felon high on lethal doses of narcotics who died from cardiac arrest while being restrained after resisting arrest
Narrative: Ricardo Munoz was a mentally disabled man randomly gunned down outside his mother’s house.

Reality: Nope. He was trying to break into his mother’s house and got shot because he chased after an officer with a butcher’s knife
Narrative: Michael Brown was a gentle giant murdered in cold blood while raising his hands and yelling “don’t shoot.”

Reality: Nope. Brown was a violent criminal who assaulted a cop and tried to steal his gun minutes after robbing a store and assaulting the cashier
But yeah let’s keep taking these people seriously
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