THREAD: The news about the #MCU delays really kind of stings after having a whole string of fantastic news last week. But we need to look at this from a positive perspective. And there are always ways to take negative news and make it positive. So let's do that! (1/?)
We have #WandaVision coming to @disneyplus sometime this year and it's genuinely exciting. We're getting even early than it was originally announced (Spring 2021). So, the MCU will start this year. And at least 1 property debuting this year is better than none.
Speaking of @disneyplus shows, #FAWTS and #Loki are pretty much in or nearing the final stages of production, so we'll get both of these shows in 2021, maybe sooner than any of us are expecting. Hell, FAWTS could maybe even be released before #BlackWidow in May.
We still got #WhatIf which is has been worked on nonstop even after the pandemic started and you have #MsMarvel & #Hawkeye starting production this year, as well as #SheHulk starting production early next year.
And even though #BlackWidow, #ShangChi, and #Eternals got delayed, it's still a good thing. It allows @MarvelStudios more time to work on these films, check for mistakes, fix the CGI a bit, and give us the quality these films deserve.
And one more thing. Don't look to 2021 as if it was far away. Guess what? 2020 is already 3/4 done and 2021 is just around the corner. Think of how excited you'll be when this pandemic is over and you'll be able to see all of these films and shows. So chin up, true believer!
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