Trump could steal the election by running out the clock w/ bogus mail ballot challenges based on signature the match reqmt, etc. & then:
(1) having GOP state lawmakers circumvent voters by casting their electoral votes 4 him; or
(2) using the 12th A to have House Rs decide.
Article re: option 1: "[T]he Constitution does not require states to assign their electors on the basis of the statewide vote...In other words, each state legislature gets to decide how electors are appointed—and, by extension, who gets their votes." 2/
Re: 12th A: "[M]ailed and absentee ballots are easily challenged in a recount, & recounts can be delayed long enough to kick the election to the House of Representatives — where the vote is by state DELEGATION, not each representative..." by @jedshug
Ds must therefore win not only with vote by mail, but also with in person voting. Which is why all Ds should demand removal of the cellular modems installed in precinct ballot scanners in parts of WI, MI, FL, TX, TN, IN, MN, and IL. 4/
All Ds should sign this @FSFP petition to #RemoveTheModems. Last I checked, it had 6K signatures. If people were paying attention (and had not been gaslit with false assurances re: the "security" of our elections), it would have 100k or more. 5/
All Ds should also know to bring their completed sample ballots w/ them to the polls. Look for it on your county election website. Alternatively, check . 6/
7/ At the polls, Ds should know the difference between barcode voting (marked with a touchscreen) and #HandMarkedPaperBallots (marked by hand w/ a pen). With barcode voting, the barcode (which voters can't read) is the only part counted as your vote.
8/ Some barcode voting (touchscreen) jurisdictions allow voters to mark their ballots by hand with a pen upon request. It cannot hurt to ask and I recommend that in person voters do that. You can call your county election office in advance to find out if this will be an option.
9/ If you must use a touchscreen, then by all means use it! In this scenario, it is crucial that you compare the human readable text beneath the barcode (which may be used in an audit or recount) to your completed sample ballot, especially as to down ballot races.
Do NOT assume your memory is good enough to verify these printouts without reference to a completed sample ballot. Notice that party affiliation (D or R) is not typically included on the printout. Would you really remember the name of ur choice for the Board of Commissioners? 11/
Would you even notice if that race were deleted completely? 12/
More advice. 13/
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