And this is how they mock the killing of innocents in Kashmir. I have raised red flags about the security situation of democratic workers & how they are prime targets of terror groups in Kashmir but Delhi never seems to learn.
I have been very vocal with facts and data about the sad state of affairs of the democratic workers in Kashmir. I repeat, Terror outfits are not scared of bullets, they are scared of democracy.

The data in this thread is mind boggling if you sit and look at the number of deaths
Needless to say they don’t ask for your religion before killing you in Kashmir. You die either as a collaborator or a Mujahid for them. The fact that these killings are celebrated by vast majority is not known to people. The truth is that they celebrate these killings.
If New Delhi still doesn’t have its head buried in sand and wants to save the people who are working to establish some sort of democracy in Kashmir, it needs to wake up to the realities on ground. There are 22 Sikh & 3 Pandit Sarpanchs who are in fear at the moment.
I spoke to a Sikh Sarpanch in North Kashmir a while ago & he expressed his concerns of safety as well. “The efforts of terror outfits are amplified by local youth who act as eyes & ears of groups in creating lists of people. “ he said.
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