Bre Taylor announcement in 15 minutes, this will probably be a thread documenting the inevitable public backlash that ensues
Rioting and civil unrest brought to you by Facebook Live (tm)
Look fam if they already announced a CURFEW then I’m pretty sure the officers are getting off on this one
Like clockwork now
ONE officer indicted in Breonna Taylor case
NOBODY is being charged with killing Breonna Taylor either, it’s one charge of ENDANGERMENT
And so it begins
Linda Sarsour is point blank demanding an uprising
Initial Twitter reactions to Breonna Taylor announcement
More reactions
"Someone is setting the trash can on fire. Lots of emotions at Jefferson Square Park right now. People shouting “this ain’t over! We need justice!”" -- video via 
"A man just nearly pulled his gun in reaction. Crowd had to stop him. Louisville is on edge" -- video via 
"We’re marching through the closed off section of downtown" -- reports 
"No officers charged directly in Breonna Taylor's death; 1 faces 3 counts over shooting into neighboring apartments."
"On the ground in Louisville, Ky. for [Town Hall] and the protesting crowd just heard the charges the grand jury announced for the Breonna Taylor case. They are not happy at all, some people are crying." -- video via 
Hasn't even been half an hour since the initial Breonna Taylor announcement

However Emma Vigeland from The Young Turks is already justifying people rioting in the streets
"The crowd just exited the blocked off potion of downtown and have taken over an intersection. Cars are being told to turn around." -- via 
"As the BLM crowd chanted, “If we didn’t get it, burn it down!” they have marched outside the barricaded zone in Louisville and have shut down traffic in an intersection." -- video via 
Indeed "BURN IT DOWN" was said online as well, yesterday

"A parked U-Haul was waiting for the crowd up the street. It contains supplies such as signs, shields, water etc. I’m not sure how people knew what it contained." -- video via 
"“Breonna Taylor’s life is worth more than that” Protesters taking to the streets this afternoon in reaction to the announcement" -- video via 
"SHOOT THAT MOTHERF*CKER" a protester shouts at the police. (Got this video from )
"People from the crowd shout at those standing outside their homes but not actively participating in the march. “Get out y’all motherfuckin’ houses, this shit ain’t for spectating, this shit ain’t for show!” One woman says." -- video via 
also from  "The large crowd — I’d estimate several hundred — are resting at an intersection. They’re regrouping and getting organized. Shields to the front, as we’ve seen before"
Fun fact
"A woman implores the protesters to keep going. They’ve already been marching for an hour and a half, and show no signs of stopping" -- video via 
Al Sharpton chimes in on the rioting because that's his career gimmick
Another fun fact
"National guard small column sliding in Louisville." -- video via 
"A militia group marches up 7th St. in downtown Louisville. They wouldn’t identify their group, but I know I’ve seen some here before" -- posted via 
""We need your fists in the air" woman yells to nearby residents #Louisville" -- video via 

"Protesters surround a man trying to defend his business, and begin smashing the windows" -- video via 
"MSNBC guest on black Kentucky AG Cameron: "He's skinfolk, but he is not kinfolk...he should be ashamed of himself."" -- via 
"Buildings are being targeted as are people filming. The situation is getting more tense. With the first business, a man quickly walked inside and locked the door as someone confronted him" -- via 
"Midland and Bardstown, police have fired pepper balls. Protesters throwing bottles of water." -- video via 
Gee I hope @vijaya can use tweets like this at the next big Twitter Policy meeting

The "We Should Probably Quash The Riots" one.

The meeting that'll most likely never ever happen at Twitter.
"The crowd meets a line of police officers who are preventing them from moving forward" -- video via 

Question ANSWERED by Tayler Hansen
Question answered by... me. "Holly coordinates volunteers for Food Not Bombs, a group that provides fresh and shelf-stable food to a community in the center of Louisville’s food desert and has organized around anti-fascist movement"
I'll let @SomeBitchIKnow take it from here.
"Wild AF arrest scene in Louisville with pepper balls ringing off." -- video via 
"The BLM crowd was marching in the street until they were stopped by Louisville police in riot gear. The police moved in and rioters started to fight with the police and arrests have been made." -- video via 
No. Please do not.
"Much larger heavily armed patriot group heading through Louisville, Kentucky to face off with BLM Marxists." -- video via 
"Unlawful assembly declared, police are making an announcement via portable speaker" -- video via 
ALSO from  "More officers arriving on the scene #Louisville #LouisvilleProtest #BreonnaTaylor"
"Things have escalated." -- video via 
"Riding on the LMPD cruisers as they move through downtown Louisville" -- video via 
"Another look at the scene in #Louisville. Multiple people arrested. Unlawful assembly declared." -- video via 
"The scene has calmed somewhat as we await the 8:30 call to meet at the park. People are sitting around, others are talking and there’s a crowd chanting and giving speeches." -- video via 
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