The assorted oral tradition of the Learned Patricians of al'Kaliyya

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1. The Rigvedas, Avestas, Gathas, Earliest Buddhist Suttras, & Nordic Eddas, & the Orphic Hymns all share a common root.

This root is ancient and one that TPTB have attempted to wipe out countless times over the past 1000 years, we are lucky to know as much as we do
2. Indo-European and Proto-Indo-European are just modern politically correct terms for Aryan. Aryan has non Indo-Aryan cognates in Euro-Aryan language as pictured. The term Aris in Aristocrat also essentially means Aryan or Noble [See Ariosophy]
3. Indo-European or as we've now properly learned; Aryans are not simply a linguistic and cultural classification but a real folk, that truly did once exist! Many of you reading this will know this not only through literary means, but in your very blood itself. Can you hear it?
4. The ancient nobility of every single East Asian society that founded their civilizations on horseback were Aryans. Is the average Jap, Qorean, Turkic, Chinese an Aryan? No. Do Aryans exist in these parts, usually being high caste? Yes, they very much do.
5. It is a well known fact that the art of horsemanship, horse archery, and the establishment & introduction of the samurai equine class into Yamato society was directly because of what historians call 'Iranians', but we know better!
6. What are some other names for Aryans throughout history? When we speak of the Bronze Age Aryans, the difference between one Aryan Tribe and another was like the difference between English Cities, yet they existed all over the entire world, shaping the course of it

7. Some names I want you to pay close attention on this are; 'Goths', 'Septentrional Peoples', 'Scythians', 'Hyperboreans', and 'Midnight Peoples'

We will come back to these, but lets quickly look at the etymology of 'Scythian'

PIE *skeud-: to shoot
PIE *Skuda: archer
8. Septentrional people? Hyperboreans? Midnight peoples? Another very interesting named by the Chaldeans, 'Umman Manda' meaning 'Children of Manda', 'Manda' being Saturn

What is this all in reference to? What is going on here?
9. Let me recommend the book 'Arctic Home in The Vedas'. I will summarize the points briefly;

Hyperborea/Overnorthgarden; was the Homeland of the Aryans existed on the north pole, during a time when the North Pole was temperate & fertile

Read: http://cakravartin.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2007/02/tilak.pdf
10. Midnight people? Septentrional people? What are these in reference to?

Well let us ask; what is the origin of the Swastika?

Let us also ask; what is different about the day/night cycle on the North Pole?
11. Aryans are from Hyperborean, and this is where they developed their unique features that we all know of them throughout history. Blue & green eyes, blonde & red hair, pale skin

Blue eyes greatly benefit ability to see in the dark, pale skin allows one to live in darkness
12. Every single person with red hair, blue eyes, blonde hair, or rosy pale skin with freckles is descended at least in part from their ancient Hyperborean ancestors, in their blood the echos of this ancient people rings true, you must learn to hear it if it exists within you!
13. The Aryans did not look like any race that we know today, and it would be more accurate to call them something like Hyperboaryans. Traits of their phenotypes pop up in all breeds of Man that were seeded by this legendary people.
14. So many people will read my posts and sense some sort of hate let me be clear, I do not hate anyone. When you separate yourself from duality you free yourself from such petty things, liberals thing this means loving everyone, but this is so far from it.
15. On the subject of duality, there is no shame in accepting your place in the world. T50, Goo Groveler, Plasmid Miner, Street Sweeper, Saliva Sucker, Rock Smasher, whatever your Karma in life is, accept it. There's no shame, and you only create negative energy by ignoring it
16. It is likely that Saturn was the primordial sun of man, if this is not the case then it is likely that the current Sun is not man's primordial sun as recent as the Younger Dryas. All ancient history ("myth") recounts this. Mythology is history, what else could it be?
17. I implore you to look at fields like astronomy, geology, and biology and read about them to their farthest conclusions. So many things we take as fact are predicated on dogmatically accepted guesses. We know truly so little as a species, but it doesn't have to be that way
18. On the subject of Saturn, let us go back to that name meant to refer to the Aryans; Umman-Manda; the Children of Saturn

Would you like to understand how far this rabbit hole goes in regards to Saturn-Sun & Scythians? Perhaps consider reading https://saturniancosmology.org/ 
19. When a pole shift occurs, the Earth's crust likely turns temporarily liquid and rapidly coalescing. Oceans turn into mountains, mountains descent into oceanic ravines, cities are water level are turned into mountain cities. Tiwanaku in Bolivia is likely an example of this.
19,5. Hyperhistory is much more interesting to discuss, research, and interact with than any fantasy or fictional setting ever could be. The CIA classified the book 'Adam and Eve Story' which talks of the cyclical Armageddons of man & relates 2 prev post https://ia802805.us.archive.org/13/items/ChanThomasTheAdamAndEveStory/Chan%20Thomas%20-%20The%20Adam%20and%20Eve%20Story.pdf
20. I have provided you with three works; Adam and Eve Story, Saturnian Cosmology, and Arctic Home in the Vedas

Reading these three books will allows you to start seeing the arc of the bow for just that, you will begin to see the synthesis here that I am presenting, its obvious
21. Intuition is the highest of all senses, do not be fooled tho. There R many kind of intuition, and men and womens intuition is not tuned the same way. Neither is correct, but both R unique and lead to differing realities. Only with intuition can u understand that which u can't
22. What I bring to you is Arisophy, the Wisdom of the Aryans. When you're at parties or talking to your friends who would perhaps revile at the usage of 'Aryan' like a programmed NPC(more on this later), opt to use the term "Proto-Indo-European Religious Revival"
23. The Aryans, and their two Sons the Indo-Aryans and the Euro-Aryans, along with his two brothers Ural and Turan were the Postdiluvian descendants from the Overnorth, or as the Greek's translated it; Hyperborea, meaning 'Beyond [the] North [Winds]"

24. The Oral Tradition of the the Overnordics was passed down to all of the children of Overnordgarden, and the previously mentioned Rigvedas, Avestas, Suttras, & Eddas are just some threads of that ancient Oral Tradition
25. The Overnordic Civilisation was likely much more advanced than us in many ways that we simply cannot comprehend, respectively so however, they were also likely deficient in many other ways and we were more proficient in other ways that cannot be understood.
26. Astrology was well known as a rigerous science to the Overnordics, and that Tradition has been passed down to every single civilised people on Earth. Astrology as a science is precise, and accurate for what it measures. Astrology does not predict, it measures. Humans predict.
27. The Planets themselves are living Beings of Consciousness, this belief is fundamental. You must first understand the Aryans as Animistic, and then secondly as polytheistic. Everything possesses Consciousness, and all things emanate from the Godhead, Consciousness.
28. You can commune with the Heavenly Bodies [Planets], you can commune with The Forests, The Mountains, the Animal Spirits of the Forest. To commune with Planets however, is to commune with the Ancient Pantheon. Communing is easy and simply requires your Third Eye
29. 'Planets' and 'Spirits' or what you would call 'Gods' are not meant to be worshiped! They are Spirits, Beings of Consciousness just like you and I. They emanate from the same Source as we, just on higher levels of consciousness that are simply incomprehensible to us.
30. Like all Beings of Consciousness Gods are capable of Death, they are also capable of being Reborn, they also can descend and they can also transcend. Nothing escapes The Wheel err The Wheel itself.
31. People themselves may be Avatars of the Gods [Planets], in fact is this not one of the major beliefs of Astrology?
32. Be wary of any "Gods" among your travels who speak in human tongue, for higher dimensional entities do not speak in lower dimensional tongues. Beware these Dysoothsayers for they are Egregores, a God does not Speak; it Communicates.
33. There is no one God [Heavenly Body] that will lead you to Greatness, you will only find Suzerain within, for therein lay your connection to Consciousness, thus is the root of All Things.
34. What is an Egregore if not a dissociated Rogue Consciousness? One Negative Thought Loop turns into a Tulpa, Tulpa to Egregore, Egregore turns into a Lower Dimensional Parasite infecting millions of people. Many such cases! Beware!
35. Avoid Stasis, for it is the root of all Stagnation, and Stagnation leads to annihilation! The story of Noble Man is the story of life's grand meta-adaptation, of Man rising from beast to Godlyhood.
36. The Noble Overnordic spirit is one of adaptation, constant flux, endless struggle, and endless wandering, worship Fire not Ash!
37. The Old Blood sings true, in any corner, any crevice, no matter where you are, no matter who they may be nor who they may seem, learn to hear its song!
38. Race is in the face, Soul is in the eyes, and Spirit is in the bun.
39. The Godhead is Consciousness! Understand nothing if not only this! Consciousness is the root of all Things!
40. Be proud of who you are no matter who, for it is what Karma has ordained. You must however resolve your Karma, do not shirk from it, this is your Dharma.
41. Soma/Haoma the ancient drink of the Aryans was typically a combination of Psychoactive Cannabis, Ephedra (Known to the Mormons), and Opium

Nearly every single ancient Aryan mummy is buried with psychoactive cannabis seeds
42. On the topic of 'ancient Aryan' mummy, let us talk about the Tocharian Mummies. Afanasevo is roughly the region regarded as 'Tocharia', in it also includes Bactria and Sogdia, the latter's name directly translating to Scythian
43. Proto-Scythians and other Hyperborean/Overnordic groups tended to mummify their rulers or great warriors, they were proficient 'mound builders' and their techniques have given us some of the most well preserved mummies ever

Below are some found in modern day China & C. Asia
44. As we can see from above, as well as understanding from genetic tests that the above all carried the genes for blue eyes, the concept of the 'Aryan' aesthetic did not exist in a vacuum, it came from somewhere, and that somewhere is far from fantasy but reality; cold & hard.
45. The only thing you can do for your people is guide them towards spiritual awakening. Not all are capable, that is okay. Those that are capable of seeing, should be encouraged and made to blossom. Nothing will help your people more than this, NOTHING. The battle ISN'T material
46. Many Eastern Religions put a premium on deep breathing as means to meditation--and eventually, enlightenment! Is there any surprise that the countries wisest to this are polluting the air at the highest rates? They wish to deprive the world of spiritual knowledge!
47. For many e-girls, they have literally never questioned themselves. Do you understand this? You screaming 4 being roasties will not solve anything, and pure girls do not exist ALL girls are groomed into this degenerate modern culture, JUST LIKE US MEN ARE TOO.
48. Time is Cyclical, except it is not Cyclical because Time is actually Euclidean, except it is not actually Euclidean because it is Linear to our perception, except that it actually is not.

Embrace the paradoxicality, it is the only way for things to make sense.
49. Reject dogma, for it is the death of all spiritual growth. There are no ascended masters. Banish this superstition. Your belief in a master is a confession of your slavery. Only slaves have masters.
50. Souls are not super unique. Your family, or people you know, at least some of them are likely YOU. How you treat your children will haunt you, and if you were abused by your parents; dont make the same mistakes or you'll continue to suffer. Parent/Child dynamics = Much Karma
51. So many people are stuck within this limbo of either being super optic cucks afraid to name the khazars, or being like psycho 1488 people who get banned every week and genuinely advocate for violence (but never go through with it). Both sides are equally as w rong.
52. The true KALIACC acolyte prepares for the end by

having kids
learning self sufficiency
moving far north as possible
learning permaculture & animal husbandry
learning how 2 ride horses
communing with the stars
stockpiling lighters
living, laughing, loving, learning
& teaching
53. Is it not a feat to conquer mind and matter despite such a self inflicted handicap? Is the drunk monk not more admirable than the sober? Both equally with as much as mastery over themselves as each other
54. You cannot call yourself trad if you have Bourgeois Puritan ideas of sex and think that men and women must be equal in chaste. Did you know that male virginity is a modern concept? Virgin has ALWAYS referred to a female, as the female virginity is TANGIBLE.
55. Do you just want a useless wife? Are you really white? Do you want a household? Do you want to have the type of family that has a family crest? An estate? Will your pushover meek gf be capable of managing half a dozen children? What about even 1?
56. Things a wife should be objectively good at; Meal planning and cooking, interior design, educating, patience, compassion, cleaning should be relegated to a maid or a communal family effort (EVERYONE has to pitch in and do their part, and are rewarded).
57. On that note, children will resent chores unless it is done alongside a parent or compensated for. Parents must remember that children spend same time at school as they do at work, except with HW. Let them enjoy their childhood. And don't forget what it was like being a child
58. Expanding on that, do not raise children if you plan to be authoritarian. It is only slavebrains that raise their children with an iron mighty fist, true Noble ppl do not do this. If you were extremely intelligent and intuitive as a child, your children will be too.
59. Intelligence is inherited from the mother's side, intelligence is expressed differently in males and females. If you hate women, you are gay. There is no exception to this rule.

Seek to marry a wife who is intelligent if you want your children (and you l8r) 2 be intelligent
60. The whore, slut, concubine is at its essence a fertility goddess. I mean this, and I am being quite literal. They embody the energy, vibrations, of fertility and they play an important part in the ecosystem. Simply do not marry them.
61. Sex appeal precludes love 4 women. Remember; WOMEN & MEN ARE UNEQUAL PAIRS THAT UNITED MAKE A WHOLE THEY AREN'T THE SAME! DON'T PROJECT YOUR HOMO FANTASY ONTO WOMEN. They R not like males in how they think at all what they find appealing in men is entirely different than you.
62. If you supportt copyright/IP laws you're a hylic. If you're an artist and you support it, bad news you're a hylic which means its not even in your best interest to be for IP and Copyright because you've never had an original thought in your life. Ouch!
63. Every single zoomer is objectively and visibily more intelligent than their parental counterparts, and it is likely from the mass socialisation of the internet, and its vast complex social networks. Every single kid has been dumped into vast networks of intrigue
64. Meat, Fish, Dairy, Eggs, Fruit, and arguably Fungus are the only types of foods with little to no anti-nutrient properties for humans. It is not necessary nor expected to eat only these, but if you did it would surely be virtuous, and you would surely thank yourself
65. Raw milk is the only milk you should consume, farmed fish from reliable fishmongers can be eaten raw there is no such thing as sushi grade, eat the yolks raw, cook the whites, only eat in-season organic fruit, all meat should be grass-fed & local if possible
66. We often idolise the Aryans who conquered and colonised, but the most Aryan of the Aryan were those crazy monks on the ancient Silk Road. From Daoism, Buddhism, Vedism, Zoroastrianism, & Orphics they connected their tradition as far east as Japan and as far west as Britannia
67. The Pryamids of Giza and the Sphynx are much older than is currently accepted. Don't believe me? Look up the methodology of how they arrive to the conclusion and look at the competing evidence. The Pryamids of Giza conduct electromagnetic energy, is that an accident?
68. For the true acc is not a nihilist far from it, he is a godly man doing nothing but accepting the cylical waves of time, the rolling wheels of man and the heavens, we've been here before we will be here again.
69. A true accelerationist is simply an absurdist who has internalised the cyclicality of history and understands on a metaphysical level the infinity of his consciousness. So let it burn he says, for we will rebuild it twice fold infinity.
70. If you cannot internalise spiritually that history is cyclical then you have no awoken spiritually, so this is why you say "only from God's POV is history cyclical" because you yourself are not godly yet.
71. There are two schools of thought in regards to that of the troll those that seek to dominate due to insecurities, those that seek to overpower others, those that seek power, those that seek the thrill of malicious malcontent the same kinda that was done unto them.
72. Then there is the more dangerous type of troll, that which does not target your material world, that which acts a fool, that which lulls you into a sense of security, that which makes you think you're winning, the one that unravels you in public without a single blow.
73. In this age of digital gentrification, out of all the social media platform Twitter exists as the single leyline between the counter-culture and the current-culture. It is this reason that Twitter unlike YT, Reddit & 4ch have lost the virility it once had.
74. Oh and BTW. The people who say Twitter is restrictive for intellectual discourse are MIDWITS. Like all things the dumbest opinion is usually right except with great nuance that the midwit only half-grasps. Twitter is the highest and lowest IQ platform, both extremes.
75. Because internet culture goes through cultural cycles at a rate unseen and unmatched in all of known human history you could put humanity at perhaps 3 civilisational cycles since the deluge. Since the dawn of the internet we've had 3 more
76. The insight of modern people who obsessively use the internet is the genius level insight of enlightenment thinkers "duh retard" what other things do you think are so obvious, that nobody has ever written to pen?
77. One of the most incorrect assumptions of the internet age is "everything has been done" sure in a sense they have, but no one cycle is all the same. Look at the forest not the trees if you have internet stories write them down, save them, and print them.
77. All your collective retard internet knowledge is eons above the amount of knowledge to influence sage wisdom that philosophers of old had.
78. I see many faux woke pagan wignats who seem to think paganism is ancestor worship, not worship of Nature & the powers that emanate from the Godhead, who blessed great denizens of Earth with their consciousness. This would create a lot of anxiety, no better than an atheist.
79. Abrahamics mistake the cool collected dual synergetic yin/yang energy of upper crust asians to be "soulless" and "bugman" when in reality Abrahamics mistake "soul" for disorder.
80. People always act like predators such as cheetahs cannot feel empathy by virtue of being a carnivore, again proclaiming empathy as universal principle. If we quantify what empathy really means, then predator animals have the HIGHEST amount of cognitive empathy of all animals.
81. The Kali Yuga will end, whether or not you lift a finger. This is the nature of Cycles, the nature of the Wheel, fulfill your karma and procreate, whether that be biologically or scriptologically.
82. The ascetic is no different from the hedonist, for it is he who overindulges in overindulging. Seek balance in all things, whatever balance may be yours. Seek your own Dharma, every Noble Man must find his Wheels.
83. The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.
84. When Landshark said he wants to be the schizo under the bridge who screams wise yet unwise advice at you and you fear for your life and promptly get away: I felt that.
85. My only goal is to make people question "established" myths and think for yourself and not allow under any circumstances others to think for you. I do not preach any truth and anyone that acts as if they do wants something from you and should be never be trusted.
86. Anyone with sapience is able to craft their own understanding of the world intellectually and think for themselves on everything and you will be a lot better off for it than living your entire life having others think for you.
87. When you really get down to the root of almost every single "established" truth in existence you find a cobweb of group based consensus of people saying "that sounds about right" and a whole void of questions unanswered.
88. If you dont think you're intelligent enough to come up with alternative theories that are just as plausible when you actually go through the effort to read how the "consensus" was reached I question both your sapience and sentience.
89. "OKAY BUT HAVE U READ FOUVOLANTEUZANDLAZCHEARD? He's a Parisian... so cool!! He smoked ciggies and was like BADASS... here's his writings I think I am him reincarnated, that's why I obsess over his work and copy of instead of building upon it and finishing it!"
90. The only intelligent thing ever said is to think for yourself, failing this you lack consciousness.

If your brand of philosophy is trying to decode dead Latins who smoke cigarettes you're just fucking dumb; you airhead!
91. Blue eyes help you see in the dark, looking at strong lights will make you sneeze, and yellow lights will blind you much more than other pigments. Green eyes always have the genes for blue eyes as well, just an extra gene to code for the green pigment, so they are Noble too.
92. Don't get arrogant though, never expect a girlfriend who is perfect. You make mistakes, so do women. We are humans, relationships and love are about compromise. We live in the easiest time to find the closest thing to what you'd call a soul mate in the entirety of humanity
93. Because the Nature of the world is Quantum, it is imperative to retain levels of optimism that are unrealistic. The trick to this however, is to not be attached to the optimism. If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen, but never project the worst, project the best.
94. Want to gain a superpower, do this: * Find a book about something you disagree with, read it. *Find someone you detest, find one point you agree with. *If you're an atheist, pray. *If you're a Christian, study Dawkins & Hitchens. Dogmatism is a weakness few realize this
95. Nobody will lead you to Truth but yourself, and you will never know it. The second you think you have found the Truth, the second you stomp your feet in the ground and declare that you are right, all others are wrong, is the second you lose your humanity
96. This is however not saying that you should not defend your ideas, or bombastically and arrogantly present them. If an idea presents itself and can hold its weight as a Strong Horse, it rightfully should be taken interest in, whether or not it holds up to rational scrutiny
97. Many men seem to hate women for being irrational, immature, or not 'serious' enough. This is a mistake and your brain is poisoned by believing men and women are the same, they are not. Men and Women compliment each other, if you can't love the differences something is wrong.
98. Women tend to be of Yin energy, that is to say 'Negative'. Women are not bad, and men are not good because they are associated with the Yang element which is 'Positive'. One cannot exist without the other. It's Positive and Negative not Positive vs Negative.
99. If this concept is hard, if you can't process the difference between duality and plurality then you need to meditate on it, remember if you are actually a Hylic there's no shame in admitting and accepting it, in fact its honorable to do so and you should always be proud.
100. Traditions are meant to change, this is best exemplified by the Wheel of Dharma, Sun Cross, and Black Sun. All derivatives of the same symbol: ☸️. The wheel turns and stays the same, but what part of the ground the wheel is touching changes, and every cycle leaves its trace
101. Reincarnation happens first among Familial, then Tribal, then Ethnic, and then Racial lines.
102. Your Y-DNA haplogroup is a mark of your Patriarch Soul, your mtDNA a mark of your Matriarch Soul, neither of these however, necessarily determine your current autosomal ethnic makeup.
103. You simply cannot put to words Truth, only through words can you be lead to the Truth, can you be given directions to the Truth, whether you actually find Truth is up to you. N'er will you find Truth written or spoken, the Truth can be spoken or written is not the Truth!
104. Subjective Objectivity. Paradoxes. This is the nature of the Universe, this is the nature of Consciousness is it not? You must abandon your understandings as either Subjective or Objective, these are not opposed, in all things Polarity, for truth has infinite faces!
105. The Turning of the Ages, a Truth twane apart to all children of Overnord. From the Mayan's Baktuns, to the Nords Ragnorak, to the Brahminic Yugas. Death, and Rebirth. Infinite cycles, going in infinite directions.
106. Just as you may not rattle the turning of the Seasons, one may not rattle the turning of the Ages. Boom to bust to boom, over and over. This is the turning of the wheel, you must reorient your mind entirely to understand this. This is critical for Noble growth.
107. This is the essence of Kaliacc, the transition of which to achieve you must first accept your position as an observer, and embrace the wu wei. Accelerationism in this sense is not a rush to the end but a patient awaiting for the turning of the Ages
108. Farm life is one of the easiest things in the world to be self sufficient, as ive come to realise in the past year outing to the rural world. Chickens are easy as FUCK to take care of and CHEAP AS FUCK u do NOT need to cage them, just let free range. Potatoes and shit are EZ
109. Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? They ask, they ask, they ask. Why? For what reason? He who does not know himself, knows himself. He who understands that he can not be, but is, becomes. He who settles to be nothing, can flourish as everything.
110. One you are stood at an abyss, hopeless truly, this and only this will be the moment you find yourself. Knowing this, you must shed yourself and accept the eternal way, be like water, be like water, be like water. How many times do I have to say it? BE LIKE WATER
111. https://twitter.com/ARIOSOPHY/status/1308953614744989696
112. The biggest reason for the vast majority of the population being denied access to their potential is the control that one gives to the Ego.

Latin word meaning "Self"
The voice inside our head

One part of the overall human "eco" system - That voice is not "You"
113. Ego is the narrator of Duality. Its only function is to interpret the dual aspect of our experience. The ego is one part of an overall human "eco" system.
114. Duality is the state of separation, it is the opposite of reality and the cause of all suffering. Duality is the product of the mind. In Duality we split or divide life into right/wrong, good/bad, holy/sinful. As a result our lives become centered around judgement and fear.
115. The thing that kills you is the thing that makes you feel alive. Every decision has a dual energy to it. Every decision has both positive and negative frequencies. The perspective of the believer dictates morality. The level of existence above or beyond duality.
116. Can you dissolve your ego? Can you abandon the idea of self and other? Can you relinquish the notions of male and female, life and death? Can you let go of all of these qualities and embrace the Dao without panic? If so you can reach the heart of the Integral Oneness.
117. Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.

>What will they think of me?

Must be put aside for bliss.
118. Let it be none other than the Consciousness itself, to that is which all things owe submission!
Understand nothing if only this!
Through Conscious Desire We have invoked all Things.
Let us then become the Master of All Things!
119. Animals practice dharma animism and have mastered esp and telepathy. It is humans that have sacrificed the connection to the divine for easy food, in this we have strayed towards the sky, away from the earth mother
120. We say; "how do these birds keep formation? how do they know? how do these fish know?" Because they are more spiritual than we are, they are divine beings, connected to the earth mother. To reach the stars we must abandon the earth mother, is it worth it? I do not know
121. Do not research GATE = Gifted and Talented Education. Do not read this github https://github.com/0x92/G.A.T.E-Research
122. If earth is a living being, and all the planets in our solar system; then this idea is true for our arm of the galaxy, the galaxy itself and the centre, the galactric group, the superclusters, the arm of the supercluster, and the entire universe.
123. When you dream, you pull ideas for the shape of the dream from the dream itself. You abstract away pieces of it, rework those abstractions, and then subconsciously manifest them as new parts of the dream. Human consciousness controls random number generators (and more!)
124. Once a person achieves total consciousness and is aware of the highest realities, and have known God as the endless void, they see that all ventures in the lower realms are pointless - yet they continue to live in the lower realms anyway. There’s nothing wrong with this.
125. The clash of the Aryan & Atlantean is the clash of the antiscian nodes of Mars and Venus, one values tradition and the handing down of history from one fend to the other, caretakers of the earth etc, whereas the other represents dominance over nature, thru building & writing
126. Much like icebergs, only a small percentage of the pyramids are visible above the surface. They are the capstones to structures beyond our comprehension--one final act of a decaying Atlantean civilization. All the world's pyramids are connected underground. Fact
127. Some of U havent gone down the rabbit hole of consciousness and it shows

Some of yall still think 'reality' exists anywhere except in your own mind and it shows

Some of all have no idea how consciousness and the mind actually works and it shows

Yall rly believe ya eyes?
128. All things emanate from Consciousness, God, Prajapati, Father of Creation

All actions have reactions

Something cannot come from nothing

Nothing cannot come from something

Anything that can be observed is conscious

All things that r conscious r comprised of spirits
Both of these Aryan symbols share the same root origin
Only one has an emoji
What say you Aryan man?
130. "Drink water!"

Perhaps most DANGEROUS advice given out periodically, not for the fact that we need to hydrate, bc 98% of the water that people will drink after hearing such advice is POISON; Plastic bottles or tap water!

131. You are not 'you', you are not your id, you are not your thoughts, you are not your ego or your super-ego, you are not what you see, feel, hear, taste, breathe, but merely the awareness of all things, and this awareness is your connection to Consciousness, God.
132. Avoid Stasis, for it is the root of all Stagnation, and Stagnation leads to annihilation! The story of Noble Man is the story of life's grand meta-adaptation, of Man rising from beast to Godlyhood.
133. The Noble Overnordic spirit is one of adaptation, constant flux, endless struggle, and endless wandering, worship Fire not Ash!
134. Do not despair that you were born in the Kali Yuga, rejoice that you can lay the beginning foundations for the Golden Age! In this age more than any, you may achieve knowledge and security better than in any age in history, you have been blessed. Prepare well!
135. Walk through many Worlds at once, you are not bound as Lesser Men are! Every Action has a Reaction, this might not be apparent instantly but it is a fact you will need to accept. You can never run away from Karma! It will follow you through this life to the next!
136. Become the Master of All Things! This is your Destiny! Whether it be this life, the next, or infinity lives be damned! You alone have this power, no sect nor rite nor creed will lead you there, you internally have all it takes! You MUST understand nothing if not only this!
137. Do not neglect your Duties, whatever they may be! Do not let yourself be hindered or bound by the designs of lesser men! Noble Men create their own designs, they create their own systems, for lower society was not ordained in their regard, but the regard of Dalits.
138. Learn when you can, Teach when you can.
139. The Metaphysical and the Physical R moot distinctions that exist only in your perception, this is Duality, the root of all Suffering, they are one in the same. There is no separation between Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul. They influence each other in all directions, forever.
140. Siddhattha Gotama, Buddha was an Aryan. He is described as having both blue eyes, as well as a notable occipital bun, among other things. He is of Scythian blood, coming from the Shakya clan. If you've ever felt a draw to Buddhism, this is why.
141. The Cherokee, the Hoodoo Witchdoctor, the Pygmy Practioner, the Aboriginal Petrol Sniffer, the Cantonese Blood Caninemancer, the Andamanese Cargomancer, for all their faults, they tap into the same reservoir as we, metaphysical truth is subjective and on tribal lines.
142. What works for one, may not work for another. It is said that chakras align differently depending on your genetics, and would this not make sense? Would you reckon a Dog nor a Chicken have the same charkas as U? There is infinite mystery, and infinite truth, life is between.
143. It is important in the Post-Modern, or perhaps now it is the Hyper-Modern, to use rhetoric and dialectic in just as aggressive of a way as your enemies use it. They have been changing the definitions of words under our noses for 60 years, it is time we do the same
144. If you are lost and looking where to go, look no further. If you are of rational mind, think all of this is a bunch of hUwa, look no further and peer into the abyss, a short story by Anon passed down through E-Oral Tradition - WITH CITATIONS! https://github.com/nazrinrat/veda-warez/blob/master/xfiles.md
145. Subjective Objectivity. Paradoxes. This is the nature of the Universe, this is the nature of Consciousness is it not? You must abandon your understandings as either Subjective or Objective, these are not opposed, in all things Polarity, for truth has infinite faces!
146. The Turning of the Ages, a Truth twane apart to all children of Overnord. From the Mayan's Baktuns, to the Nords Ragnorak, to the Brahminic Yugas. Death, and Rebirth. Infinite cycles, going in infinite directions. Live, laugh, love, learn!
147. Just as you may not rattle the turning of the Seasons, one may not rattle the turning of the Ages. Boom to bust to boom, over and over. This is the turning of the wheel, you must reorient your mind entirely to understand this. This is critical for Noble growth.
148. These are the tenets, but these are not tenets. For you must only remember one Thing, and one Thing only, the Truth lies within you and unlocking it is key. I do not speak Woo here, if you are Conscious you have a connection to the Divine, thus you will find God.
149. To be lucky, one must constantly be testing luck with an open and honest heart. Fate, chance, luck. These things exist. Well think of an MMO. If something has a 1% chance of happening, a dungeon w rare loot. You run it over & over. This maximises your chances.
150. Doing so maximises your chances, now this isn't really increasing your luck at all but it is maximising your chances to cast that little dye we talked about before. While you cannot simply wish fate into existence, it does not simply come by desire, sorry The Secret
151. If you act on it though, at every opportunity, it will happen, you will get your chance. If you really want something to happen that requires 'luck' you simply have to roll the this dye as many times as possible, over, and over, and over.
152. This is made literally, SO, FUCKING, EASY, on the internet like never in the existence of humanity has 'trying luck' been so easy, because to try luck you have to connect two consciousnesses.
153. The reason I am thinking of this is because pemissism if what makes people 'unlucky' it is not so much that they are unlucky but moreso that they are taught to be so malaise they never even bother to roll that dye.
154. Cultivate social spaces where you can be yourself, make friends, be a good person, you'll never be in true jeopardy. If you can't do this then you shouldn't cry when you're homeless one day with naire to go.
155. If you truly are barren with nothing to lose, then why not try and just shitpost ur way to a better life? I know it sounds stupid if you're in a bad situation but the best thing U can do in a bad situation is to try and develop pure & mutually beneficial social bonds. Love!
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