With just days until voting opens, I want to start this by saying how grateful I am for the amazing movement we have built, and to get to share our vision with everyone.

I have a few thoughts on recent Green Party events that I feel are important to share. #cdnpoli #gpcldr 1/
Initially, I did not say anything publicly on the updates regarding @MeryamHd2020 candidacy, as to respect the appeal process. I feel it's very important that we take a step back and check in with each other, and in this situation there are many people hurting. 2/
It concerned me when I first learned @MeryamHd2020 endorsed the @BCEcosocialists, as the behaviour that they and specifically their former leader have perpetuated is hateful and many people close to me have been harmed by this. 3/
While I trust that this was not her intention, it’s important to me to make sure that those who have been hurt by this are seen and heard, and are given the apology they deserve. 4/
Many things have become crystal clear to me throughout my entire time as a Green and have been highlighted during this leadership election. In many ways we are still perpetuating the status quo and this must change now. 5/
It distresses me that the party would make this decision to expel @MeryamHd2020, and yet at the same time, refuse to properly address the countless issues around discrimination, hate and abuse present in the Party. 6/
I urge the @CanadianGreens to explain their process as clearly and as publicly as possible in the hours and days ahead. Our party needs to do a better job of handling issues of all kinds, and making decisions fairly, transparently, and consistently. 7/
We must recognize we are not immune in the slightest to the petty politics we claim to be better than. We need to remember the values we hold and live by them. 8/
I would like to thank @MeryamHd2020 for everything she has brought to this race. The passion and perspective she brings is important, and I am glad to have gotten to know her more over the course of this race. 9/9
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