Since Trump & his rogue Russian bought republican party want to make up lies & conspiracy theories about Joe Biden's son Hunter, I think it's time to do a THREAD on Trump's kids that are working in the White House.

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#Ivanka sent hundreds of emails to aides, Cabinet officials, and her assistant using a private email account she shares Jared Kushner. It was reported last year that Kushner had used a private account to conduct government business as well.
"Mary Trump, in a previously unaired portion of her interview with Rachel Maddow, talks about a family anecdote in which her uncle, Donald Trump, threatened to disown Don Jr. if he joined the military."
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Donald Jr not only had a mysterious Russian buy 70,000 of one of his last books but had these fools pushing it too..

I guess that's WHITE PRIVILEGE, huh Donny Jr.

Thread in THREAD
All of the Trump kids are liars just like their daddy!
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Here’s a video of Don Jr praising Bannon’s scam fundraising to build the wall..
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Since 2016, Don Jr and Eric have sold off more than $100 million worth of #Trump Org real estate and a $3.2 million sale of land.

Taxpayers cover the security costs of ea business trip, 1st 2 months of 2017: 3 diff trips $97,830, $53,155.25 & $16,738.36.
#Cohen released his written testimony ahead of his testimony and instead of staying away from #TrumpRussia he spilled the beans on #Trump and #DonaldJTrumpJr for conspiring with Stone/WikiLeaks to get dirt on Hillary Clinton.
These are the 5 things you need to know about the investigation into Russian collusion..
By @maxbergmann @moscow_project
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Don Jr at a Russian real estate conference..
Via @funder
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#TrumpCrimeFamily THREAD
#EricTrump likes to spread fake news in hopes that his daddy will pay attention to him.
#EricTrump gave a judge a false explanation for why he backed out of a July deposition in a civil probe of the family business, NY’s top law enforcement officer said in a court filing

The state has been seeking sworn testimony from Eric Trump for months
How Jared and Ivanka Trump received security clearance..

Safari Club to auction 'dream hunt' with Donald Trump Jr. Killing innocent wildlife for money

“A weeklong "dream hunt" with Don Jr. is being auctioned as part of a trophy hunting convention in Nevada.”
Their entire family is horrid!

THREAD #TrumpsKids
Trump's family took more trips that required Secret Service protection in 1 yr, than the Obama family took in 7. Obama’s family took 133.3 trips per yr, while Trump's family took an average of 1,625 annually mostly to promote Trump Org, 3000 trips in 2yrs.
NY judge ordered Trump Org to submit financial records about the Seven Springs Estate & other properties related to our investigation.

The same NY judge has ordered Eric Trump to make himself available to be interviewed by the NY AG, no later then Oct.7.
Very interesting THREAD about Weissmann's book that answers some questions about Trump, his kids and Mueller probe.

#TrumpsKids THREAD
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"Damning picture of a corrupt president fixated on personal financial benefits he might derive from his time in office__" @RobertMaguire_

In my:
#TrumpsKids THREAD
The apples don't fall far from the tree..
Trump projects EVERYTHING he & his family & party are actually doing onto his opposition.

Remember this video of WAISTED Donald Trump Jr next time he accuses Biden or his son Hunter or anyone else he opposes of using drugs.
Trump is a speed freak, BTW.
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