I am not sure how long this will last as I have never done an international only save before, and I am adding a pretty crazy restriction on my game but here goes.
The plan is to manage England, but can only use players with less than 10 caps - meaning that when a player plays his 10th game for England he is removed from consideration.
Of the England squad picked at the beginning of the game, 16 of them will never be eligible for selection meaning I have to say goodbye to the likes of Beckham, Owen and Southgate.
My first squad is picked for the double header of Germany (a) and Albania (h). Of the 22 man squad, 5 (Lee Bowyer, Chris Kirkland, Danny Murphy, Dean Richards and Rod Wallace) are uncapped - Ashley Cole is nearest to retirement with 8 caps.
Ahead of the Germany game Joe Cole & Alan Smith withdrew from the squad through injury. I replaced them with Matt Jenson & Marcus Bent. The game was deservedly won with debuts for Kirkland, Jansen, Wallace and Bowyer, with the latter two scoring the goals.
An unchanged side secured the 3-0 victory over Albania that leaves me top of the group. The game marked the 10th cap for Ashley Cole, bringing on his international retirement. Rod Wallace took his scoring tally to 3 goals in 2 games.
The only squad changes were Joe Cole & Alan Smith back in for Ashley Cole (10 caps) and Marcus Bent. Before the game Chris Sutton was injured and replaced by Bent.

The only team change was Barry in for Ashley Cole and the game was won 1-0 thanks to Hendrie’s 2nd goal in 4 caps.
Unfortunately the 1-0 victory was not enough to qualify automatically as we were overtaken on goals scored (Germany won their final game 5-1). This means 2 play off games (extra caps!) against Belarus.
I named an unchanged squad for the play off double header with Belarus. The games are likely to be the last appearances for Kevin Phillips and Kieron Dyer. With Alan Smith, Chris Sutton and Marcus Bent the next 'cabs off the rank' up front this could be my early problem position.
In the run up to the play offs I looked around the top performers in the Prem for good performances.

3 players in the top average ratings – Phillips, Ehiogu and Gavin McCann (1 cap but not in squad).

5 players in top scorers (Shearer ineligible) with Ameobi appearing promising.
I named an unchanged squad for the play-off games, although Dean Richards & Joe Cole replaced the injured Ugo Ehiogu and Rod Wallace in my game XI. The game was won with goals from Hendrie (3 in 5 caps) and Phillips' first goals in his 10th cap (a hattrick effort was disallowed.
In between the play offs games Danny Mills got injured resulting in a call up for Wes Brown. The team sheet saw 2 changes for the game with Carragher in for Mills and Smith for Phillips.

After a scare the game was won to give an easy 5-2 aggregate win. World Cup - here I come.
Now I have qualified for the World Cup I am going to scout some players who are still eligible for selection and in their late 20s (towards the end of their peaks) – and save the players in their early 20s until they have matured.
The qualifying campaign saw the retirement of 3 key players – this being the major challenge to this save – I am sure in the normal world both Dyer and Cole would have reached 100 caps.
The World Cup draw doesn't look too taxing as I am drawn against;

Holland - Ranked 5th
Mexico - Ranked 17th
Paraguay - Ranked 27th
The World Cup draw was quickly followed by the draw for the European Nations Cup qualifying groups. Again the draw should allow me comfortable qualification.

Armenia - Ranked 99th
Belarus - Ranked 117th
Bulgaria - Ranked 60th
Hungary - Ranked 68th
Malta - Ranked 131st
The Croatia friendly allows me to rest several players and give opportunity to some older players.

Barry, Woodgate, Bowyer and Hendrie are rested plus Phillips and Dyer retired They are replaced with Guppy, Stubbs, Jermaine Wright, Lee Clark, Sutton and Kevin Campbell
It was the first game I had not won, but a draw was a decent result. Both Unsworth and Walker did well, and it was nice to see Kevin Campbell score on his international debut.
Another friendly, meaning more caps - and players being 10% closer to their international retirement. I named the same weaker squad for the trip to Spain. Jamie Carragher and Matt Jansen (both on 6 caps) are the closest to retirement in this squad.
I named an unchanged XI for the trip to Spain, and was rewarded with a fine win. David Unsworth marked a MoM performance with a penalty goal, and Rod Wallace was on the scoresheet again. This is the last game before I select my World Cup squad.
My reserve keeper, Richard Wright, will go into the World Cup in high spirits having been first choice keeper during Arsenal’s successful Premier League campaign beating Leeds Utd (containing Woodgate, Mills, Bowyer & Smith) and Wes Brown’s Man Utd.
Liverpool, who have kept my no.1 keeper on the bench all season won the FA Cup with help from Gerrard & Carragher (both playing substitutes). I’ll keep my eye on 18 yo John Welsh. Kevin Campbell was MoM, scoring 2 goals and Unsworth played well at the back for the runners up.
The League Cup was won by a strong Man Utd side containing Wes Brown and many other players retired from England duty. Tottenham, who were unlucky to lose contained young English talent such as Johnnie Jackson, Ben Bowditch and Matthew Etherington.
About to embark on my first tournament and I'm hit by the fact it’ll take 7 games to win the World Cup. I only have 9 players with 7 remaining appearances which shows how much I’ll need to juggle my squad. Hopefully the final group game will allow me to rest some players.
Joe Cole was bought into the team for Lee Bowyer (suspended) but I still name a strong side, for what is likely to be my toughest group game. I am rewarded with a win thanks to Jansen’s goal. Woodgate and Kirkland were excellent in repelling the Dutch threat.
Dean Richards came in for the injured Ehiogu, and Bowyer returned from suspension with Joe Cole dropping to the bench for the pivotal game against Mexico. Late goals from Bowyer, and his Leeds teammate Alan Smith - who was also MoM were enough win and to ensure qualification.
6 changes for the final group game with Gerrard suspended, Campbell & Ehiogu injured plus Barry, Jansen, Hendrie, Woodgate and Kirkland rested. Amongst those coming in is a debutant - Trevor Sinclair. Several of the players coming in performed well despite the 1-1 final score.
As I come out of the group stage many of my players are reaching international retirement. Both Barry & Jansen can only play once more while Mills, Wallace and Woodgate only have 2 games remaining.
The draw for the 2nd round pits me against France - ranked 2nd in the FIFA rankings.
The squad is getting smaller with Bowyer suspended plus Campbell, Smith and Ehiogu injured. My only fit striker - Chris Sutton - had a goal disallowed after 115 mins but the game went to penalties. Despite being 2-0 down we eventually win 4-3 in what was a 10th cap for Jansen.
Matt Jansen is the latest addition to the England Hall of Fame, joining Ashley Cole, Kevin Phillips and Keiron Dyer in the 10 cap club.
The reward for beating France on penalties in the Round of 16 is another difficult game against Italy - ranked 5th in the FIFA rankings.
Three changes to the starting XI meant Bowyer, Ehigou and Wallace in for Hendrie, Brown & Jansen. Another tight game against another European powerhouse. A goal from Unsworth (his 2nd in 6 caps) was enough to take it to penalties. We won 6-5 on pens to take a semi final place.
The QF win against Italy was the 10th international appearance for Danny Mills, making him the latest Inductee to the England 10 cap Hall of Fame.
We've been here before haven't we. Think Italia 90, think Euro 96...

Germany are actually ranked 14th in the world (England are 7th) meaning this should be an easier game than Holland, France & Italy.
With Smith & Campbell still not fit, the only change from the Quarter Final is Brown in for Mills at RB. Both Sutton & Bowyer had goals disallowed in the first half but unfortunately the game was a step too far.
The Germany defeat saw the final appearances of three more players - Lee Hendrie, Dean Richards and Rod Wallace. Each take their place in the Hall of Fame.
The game that no one wants is made less attractive when Sinclair is out injured, Unsworth suspended and a further 5 players no longer available. The game was won with goals from Lampard & Campbell. It was a solid performance, albeit the last appearances from Barry & Bowyer.
Despite only playing 14 games, I have already retired 10 players - with Lee Bowyer and Gareth Barry being the latest. Seven of the World Cup squad have played their 10th and last games at International level.
Apparently I did OK
First squad of the new season – for the Armenia & Bulgaria qualifiers includes 7 uncapped players – Neil Clement, Darren Eadie, Jon Greening, Steven Hughes, Danny Murphy, Darren Purse and Marcus Stewart.
Eadie and Stewart make their debuts while Joe Cole and Ehiogu play their final games. An impressive performance including goals from Cole, Smith and Stewart gave us a comfortable 3-0 win away at Armenia. Jamie Carragher was especially impressive.
I replaced the retired Cole & Ehiogu with debutants, Stephen Hughes and Neil Clement for the Bulgaria match. The game was easily won with Hughes, Eadie and Alan Smith all scoring and staring. Gerrard, Woodgate and Carragher played their final games in the 5-0 win.
I am now up to 15 players in the Hall of Fame.
I have to make a lot of changes for the Belarus (a) and Malta (h) games. As well as the retirees I have to replace Marcus Stewart and David Unsworth. The 7 players I call up are Michael Ball, Dean Gordon, Ben Thatcher, Kevin Nolan, David Dunn, Danny Cadamarteri & Jamie Scowcroft.
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