In public comment, Tom Benedetto of @CAAPTS, says more flexibility in the Affordable Requirements Ordinance will lead to more aff units.
"With more options to fulfill the ARO, the the reality of making the numbers work, which is the real challenge becomes more and more possible."
Now @ClintWSabin of Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance: "We don't ask grocery stores to give away free food...but we are demanding that housing providers give away free homes at the same time the City Council is putting new regulations on them."
Justin Williams of @Metroplanners has 3 suggestions for a new ARO, all reflected in the task force report:
• Increase range of aff units to target renters at <60% AMI
• Incentivize more family-sized units
• Reduce reliance on in-lieu-of fees
Public comment is over. It featured reps from multiple major real estate industry groups ( @CAAPTS, @ILREALTOR, Chi Assoc of Realtors, Homebuilders Assoc, Neighborhood Building Owners Alliance) but no speakers for tenant groups.
Presenting Q4 2019 @ChicagoDOH report, deputy Comm. Anthony Simpkins says the dept missed its goal for resource allocation by $50M last year. Blames it on fed gov shutdown last year, which delayed the award of some tax credits and multifamily financing.
. @AldPatDowell3rd presses Novara on what @ChicagoDOH is doing to extend Low-income Housing Trust Fund units to nhoods w/ few affordable units, esp on NW/SW Side.
Novara says a lot has to do with "local preferences" and the makeup of available housing stock.
Dowell: "I think it's necessary to move into those uncomfortable spaces in order to provide housing opportunities for ppl across the city, and not concentrate units in certain parts of the city."
Novara says she agrees, looks forward to Dowell "pushing on that" in the council.
Ald. @JamesCappleman says he follows legal guidelines not to demand extra aff units beyond what ARO requires: "I follow the rules and other aldermen don't, and they're seen as the heroes, and I'm seen as the villain."
@AldermanBurnett: "It sounds like you're player hating, man."
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