Zambia has made incredible gains in the last 4 yrs, training epidemiologists for outbreaks.🔎🦠

Read about how we set up the Zambia Field Epidemiology Training Program #FETP in my 1st FIRST-AUTHOR PUBLICATION! @PhDVoice #OpenAcademics #EpiTwitter
Imagine trying to control the COVID outbreak for an entire nation with just 2 #epidemiologists? That might have been #Zambia if the pandemic hit just 4 yrs ago. In 2014 MoH employed only 2 epidemiologists; both were stationed in the capital of Lusaka.
Outbreaks were usually investigated only when necessary. Although outbreak investigations were summarized in reports, they were not stored in an easily-accessible public repository, or published in the literature.
In order to strengthen surveillance & epidemiological skills at national & subnational levels of the public health system, ZFETP was established as a tripartite arrangement between the @mohzambia + @UnzaOfficial SPH + @CDCgov, and is now housed under@ZMPublicHealth
ZFETP now responds to many disease outbreaks & publishes their work to inform public health:
🧫 #typhoid
🐄 #anthrax
🧠 #MeningicoccalMeningitis
🪲 #tungiasis
🚱 #cholera
🍲foodborne diseases
👶 #mumps
🐀 #BubonicPlague
👨‍🦯 #konzo (neurological disease assctd w/ cassava🍠poisoning
#Mumps is a vaccine-preventable viral disease that may cause deafness, encephalitis or deathFETP residents conducted active case finding for mumps in Luanshya, Copperbelt Province.
#Plague is a bacterial disease of rodents and approximately 90% of cases are reported from Africa. Sporadic plague outbreaks have occurred in Zambia since 1917. FETP investigated a plague outbreak in the Eastern Province in 2015.
It was the FETP who identified the 1st 2 cases of COVID-19 in Zambia, confirmed on 18 March 2020.
FETP monitored and contact traced international travelers based on WHO risk perception that international travelers were at highest risk for COVID.
Since the pandemic was declared, FETP has been involved in all aspects of COVID19 response. They are deployed in high-risk districts of Zambia for contact tracing and investigation of possible COVID cases.
Our FETP alumni have even been deployed to support Africa CDC across the continent. 🌍One of my first trainees, Dr Patick Kabwe is now a COVID-19 Event Based EPI Analyst
ZFETP has 2 tiers which enrolls in yearly cohorts. To date, the program has trained:
3⃣ Advanced cohorts (24 residents)
4⃣ Frontline cohorts (71 trainees)
tw/ support from @TEPHINET @AFENETAfrica @DfidZambia @PEPFAR
ZFETP has been successful in responding to public health concerns and emergencies. The next 5 years will be important to continue ZFETP's path toward full institutionalization & sustainability. Thanks to @PANAFRMEDJ for highlighting our work #ScienceOpen #OpenAccess
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