Are you starting to put the puzzle pieces together? China funds politicians and anarchists and gets IP and Military secrets, the IMF and the US overthrew the Ukraine gov to install a neonazi with Poroshenko to launder the IMF and US Aid monies into personal coffers.
The WTO and WHO were set up to give China payback and their opportunity to be the Superpower their 100 year plan has set a course to deliver.

Trump is the great interrupter. He and the white hats from the MIC have a counter coup to take back our Republic from the globalists.
It's all about the networks being used worldwide. Moving contraband whether drugs, weapons or humans (sex trafficking and forced labor), the profiting from those networks has been immense. The same networks allowed Iran Contra, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Afghanistan War (poppy)
Endless Wars generated trillions for the Deepstate, especially senior military who retired into cushy DOD jobs with their fat cat contractors. Hence the rejection of our CIC's directive to pull out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and more. Look at the peace happening in the ME.
The Transition to Greatness is underway. Nothing can stop what is coming.

We have always been great, we just could not see all the possibilities...until this President. Until now.

These are biblical times indeed.

Bear Witness, be a Patriot. Open your eyes.
Embrace the future!
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