what the hell, here's Stars Hollow during the pandemic: 1/18
Lorelai invents a mask you can wear while drinking coffee and she's been talking about it for six months. 2/18
Rory writes an article about anti-maskers but forgets to bring her own mask to the event and gets Covid. 3/18
Emily buys a $300 mask from Miss Celine and spends all of her time in the panic room. "The panic room, Lorelai, it's the ultimate mask." 4/18
Taylor walks around the town square with a megaphone screaming "6 FEET!" all day long. 5/18
Sookie is keeping everyone healthy by making a menu of superfoods that don't taste like superfoods. 6/18
Kirk is selling homemade toilet paper - it's questionable but it sells out in one day. 7/18
Patty complains that the pandemic ruined her sex life. 8/18
Jess is writing a novel about doctors on the frontlines called something like Behind The Plexi. 9/18
Dean thinks it's all a hoax :( Madeline and Louise also claim hoax. 10/18
Logan is back in the UK and gave it to Boris Johnson. 11/18
TJ wants to talk more about this injecting bleach idea - "It could work, Luke, admit it could work!" 12/18
Liz is still voting for Jill Stein 13/18
Dave finally returns from California and Lane leaves Zach for him - sorry that's just how it is. 14/18
Paul Anka (who is still alive!) got used to Lorelai being home all the time and won't let her leave the house. 15/18
Nobody can tell what song The Troubadour is singing through his mask. 16/18
Jackson is exactly the same, no changes. 17/18
April uses SCIENCE to create the vaccine (!), but nobody will take it because everyone hates her so, so much. 18/18
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